June 20, 2008 DO 50, s. 2008 – DepED electricity and fuel saving measures

June 20, 2008
DO 50, s. 2008
DepED electricity and fuel saving measures

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services, Centers and Heads of Units
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

  1. Pursuant to the directive of Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo dated May 31, 2008, the following electricity and fuel saving measures shall be adopted and implemented:
    1. On Electricity
      1. DepED shall adopt and implement an electricity efficiency and conservation program to reduce monthly electricity consumption by at least ten percent (10%) on the monthly consumption.
      2. The following measures shall be implemented by DepED on the use of appliances, equipment and accessories:
        b.1. Limit the operation/use of the air-conditioning system to six (6) hours, preferably from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;
        b.2 Electric fans, blowers and other cooling devices may be used during the 12:00 nn to 1:00 p.m. break period in lieu of air-conditioning units;
        b.3 Mandatory replacements of all 40 watt fluorescent lamp tubes with 36 watt or less slim type lamp tubes and replacement of all 20 watt fluorescent lamp tubes with 18 watt or less slim type lamp tubes;
        b.4 Lights shall be turned,off during lunch breaks and after office hours, except in offices where continuous work or services to the public is being conducted;
        b.5 Computers are strictly for official use only and shall be shut down when not in use;
        b.6 Personnel with duly approved authority to render overtime service on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays shall be allowed to enter the office premises and use the air-conditioning system from 9:00 a.m. up to 12:00 nn only;
        b.7 During nighttime from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., all lights inside offices shall be turned off, except those on corridors, doors, gates and strategic areas needed for the security and safety of the areas; and
        b.8 All building and garden spotlights shall not be turned on.
    2. On Fuel
      1. DepED shall adopt and implement a program that will reduce its fuel consumption by at least ten percent (10%) on the monthly consumption.
      2. The following measures shall be immediately implemented by DepED for its official service vehicles:
        b.1. Use/Purchase or lease of vehicles capable of using Alternative Fuel;
        b.2 Use of biodiesel product that comply with the Philippine National Standard (PNS 2020-2003) by blending a DOE- accredited biodiesel product with the diesel to comply with one percent (1%) Coco-Methyl Ester (CME) for use in all diesel-fed vehicles;
        b.3 Proper inflation and alignment of tires and proper alignment and balancing of wheels;
        b.4 Periodic change oil and replacement of oil filter;
        b.5 Regular engine tune-up and replacement of air and fuel filter;
        b.6 Proper scheduling of daily trips to avoid unnecessary trips;
        b.7 Smooth/Moderate acceleration of vehicles and driving at a steady pace to avoid unnecessary and repetitious speeding up and slowing down;
        b.8 Strict prohibition on idling of engines when vehicle is parked; and
        b.9 Prohibition on overloading of vehicles.
    3. To develop a more dynamic and effective program for the rational use of energy, the following acts are hereby prohibited:
      1. The use of government vehicles for purposes other than official business. Provided, that in every case the trip ticket authorizing the use of the vehicle shall be displayed on the windshield or in a conspicuous place on the vehicle; and
      2. The use of government vehicles on Saturdays, Sundays, Legal Holidays or out of the regular office hours or outside the route of the officials or employees authorized to use them, or by any person other than such official or employee, shall, unless properly authorized, be prima facie evidence of the violation of this measure.
  2. Regional/Division, District Offices and Schools shall designate an Energy Conservation Officer who shall be responsible for the strict observance of the foregoing measures and submission of monitoring reports as well as the designation of the Energy Conservation Officer shall be submitted to the Office of the Director, Administrative Service, DepED Central Office.
  3. For purposes of monitoring and effective implementation of this Order, the Director for Administrative Service is hereby duly designated as the Department Energy Conservation Officer (ECO).
  4. Strict observance of Omnibus Rules on Security and other related issuances are hereby reiterated for their strict implementation.
  5. Strict implementation and observation of the foregoing saving measures are hereby enjoined.

Allotment: 1—(D.O, 50-97)

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