April 13, 2009
DO 34, s. 2009
Moving Forward in the Implementation of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA)

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services, Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
All Others Concerned

  1. As the Department moves forward to the full implementation of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda, all concerned officials and Technical Working Groups are instructed to include in their respective 2009 Work Plans the actions that would respond to the recommendations of the 4th Review Mission for Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA) Implementation. Please see Annex 1 for the Summary of Recommendations and Responsible Groups and Offices. The TCT shall submit to the Office of the Secretary the Monthly Progress Report in this regard.
  2. BESRA Implementation. To ensure that gains made thus far are sustained, the following mechanisms shall continue to be adopted:2.1 BESRA Technical Coordinating Team. The TCT which was re¬constituted through DepED Order No. 16, s. 2008 shall continue to provide overall coordination, strategic direction, harmonization and integration of BESRA efforts. As such, all decisions/proposals from the BESRA Technical Working Groups and organic units in terms of contents and processes in policy formulation, standards setting and systems development related to the five (5) key reform thrusts of BESRA shall be endorsed/approved by the TCT and submitted to the Secretary for final approval/information.For effective and efficient operation for the TCT, the specific roles and responsibilities of the TCT Chair and Co-Chairs are as follows:
    1. Undersecretary for Regional Operations. As TCT Chair, he shall lead, initiate and manage the overall implementation of the reform agenda. Moreover, as the Undersecretary for Regional Operations, he shall be responsible for context setting, planning and monitoring of BESRA inputs. He shall also provide direction and guidelines to the TWG on School-Based Management.
    2. Undersecretary for Programs and Projects. As TCT Co-Chair, she shall be mainly responsible for providing directions and guidance to the various TWGs and concerned organic units in terms of contents and process of formulating policies, standards and operational guidelines related to teacher education and development, curriculum and instruction, learning resources such as textbooks and other instructional materials, educational technology (i.e., alternative delivery modes such as MISOSA, IMPACT, EASE, etc) and alternative learning system.
    3. Undersecretary for Finance and Administration. As TCT Co- Chair, he shall be mainly responsible for providing directions and guidance to the various TWGs, particularly the TWG on Resource Mobilization and Management, and organic units in ensuring that the major support processes such as administrative, human resource, and finance services are aligned and responsive to BESRA policy actions.

    2.2 Role of other Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries. The following shall be the specific responsibilities of the other undersecretaries in BESRA implementation:

    1. Undersecretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs shall assess the implications of the policy reform proposals emanating from the TWGs with respect to the necessary legislative support and consistency with existing laws.
    2. Undersecretary for Muslim Education shall continue to lead the Indigenous Peoples and Muslim Education TWG (IP & ME TWG). The TWG shall work closely with the other TWGs to ensure that the promotion of IP and Muslim education is responded to by the other TWGs.

    Assistant Secretaries who are not directly involved at present in the various TWGs and Technical Committees shall extend technical support in line with their respective areas of responsibility.

    2.3 BESRA Technical Working Groups – The TWGs shall continue to perform their roles in developing recommendations in terms of standards, policies, systems designs, and operational guidelines related to the various reform areas of BESRA. However, pertinent provisions of the DepED Order on Coordinating Mechanisms for Implementing BESRA issued last January 22, 2008 are hereby amended, as follows:

    1. The QAA and M&E TWGs are hereby merged into one TWG with Director Lolita Andrada of the Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) as Chair and Directors Milagros Talinio of OPS and Nelia Benito of NETRC as Co-Chairs.
    2. As stipulated in DepED Order No. 26, s. 2009, the ICT Technical Committee shall be responsible for the formulation and/or recommendation of policies, standards and operational guidelines on the use of ICT in basic education and governance, including ICT components of BESRA.
    3. Given the direct impact on learners, the SBM and ALS TWGs shall serve as the core TWGs. As the core TWGs, they shall ensure that all other reform areas of BESRA are responsive to SBM and ALS thrusts and are integrated in the implementation of SBM and ALS programs. They are expected to create partnerships within and among the other TWGs and DepED units concerned to effectively combine information and resources they would require in developing/reviewing/refining policies affecting the learners.
  3. Engagement of DepED Organic Units. Based on their existing functions, the various organic units of the Department from central, regional, divisional and school levels are hereby mandated to integrate BESRA implementation in their regular operations.
  4. Formulation and Adoption of BIAP. To guide the formulation and implementation of BESRA policy actions, the TCT shall provide direction and guidance to the various TWGs and organic units in the finalization of the BESRA Implementation and Accountability Plan (BIAP) and endorse the same for the Secretary’s approval not later than April 30, 2009. The BIAP shall outline the expected deliverables from 2009 to 2011 and the accountable groups or offices for each of the committed outputs. The BIAP shall be considered in the preparation of the DepED budget proposals for 2010 onwards.
  5. Preparation of 2009 Work and Financial PlansBased on the committed 2009 deliverables in the BIAP, all TWGs and concerned organic units are required to prepare/update their respective 2009 Annual Work and Financial Plans which shall be funded under the DepED 2009 budget and resources from on-going foreign-assisted projects.
  6. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

Encl.: As stated
References: DepED Order: (Nos. 16, s. 2008 and 26, s. 2009)
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50-97)

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