July 24, 2009
DO 78, s. 2009
Guidelines on the Implementation and Operationalization of the Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools Effective School Year 2009-2010

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Regional and Division TLE/TVE Supervisors
Vocational School Administrators/Principals of Tech-Voc Schools
All Others Concerned

  1. In support to the main objectives of the ICT4E Program and Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education Program of the Department, the Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools shall be opened to serve as the Center of Excellence in ICT.
  2. Pursuant to the ICT4E Strategic Plan, these Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools shall offer a wide range of ICT specializations leading to local and international certifications in ICT. These includes:
    • Internet and Computing Fundamentals (ICF) – mandated subject in lieu of PC Operations
    • PC Hardware Servicing
    • Computer Networking Technology
    • Computer Programming
    • Animation and Visual Graphics Design
  3. Said schools shall serve as the regional training centers and assessment centers in ICT. This further means that they shall also serve as the technical support system of other tech-voc high schools and other general high schools.
  4. Enclosure No. 1 is the official list of Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools which shall adopt the ICT-Enhanced curriculum.
  5. Enclosure No. 2 is the Specific Implementation and Operationalization Guidelines of the Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools which shall be followed by all concerned.
  6. A yearly monitoring and evaluation of the Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools shall be administered to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the program implementation. The first monitoring and evaluation shall be administered on November 2009.
  7. For this purpose, a Tech-Voc ICT Technical Committee shall be constituted to be composed of the following officials and members from the Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools:Executive Committee:
    Chairman: Jesli A. Lapus
    Co-Chairpersons: Vilma L. Labrador
    Teresita G. InciongMembers:
    Technical Services Mari Paul C. Soriano
    TVE Task Force Ricardo M. De Lumen
    Corazon L. EchanoTechnical Committee/ICT Group
    Head/Coordinator: Yrrah Jean R. Pineda
    Members: Agosto V. Cayabyab
    Joel Bagasol
    Rolando Reyes
    Sherwin Medrano
    Jethro Campos
    Cesar T. Arriola
    Roy Soldevilla
    Gilbert Enecuela
    Ronalyn Lavilla
    Deover M. Pasco
    Cherry Dalagan

    On Call:
    Nelson P. Hernandez Chona C. Bundoc Marino C. Cueto Marion I. Alinas
    Amir M. Villas
    Marvin T. Retutal

  8. The program components of the ICT4E Program for Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools shall conform with the provisions specified under the ICT4E Strategic Plan.
  9. For further inquiries, please contact Dir. Ricardo M. De Lumen, OIC Director III of the TVE Task Force Office at tel. nos. (02) 633-9346 and (02) 632-0170.
  10. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.

As stated
Allotment: 1- -(D.O. 50-97)

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