October 15, 2009 DO 107, s. 2009 – Participation of the CAT Students in the National Road Safety Special Program

October 15, 2009
DO 107, s. 2009
Participation of the CAT Students in the National Road Safety Special Program

To: Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Heads, Public and Private Secondary Schools

  1. The Department of Education (DepED) is one of the agencies involved in the implementation of the Philippine National Road Safety Action Plan.
  2. To ensure road safety and welfare of the students, teachers and other members of the school community, the Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) students are hereby enjoined to render community service combined with public safety and law enforcement as part of the CAT Program components, particularly in providing assistance to the Local Traffic Enforcers in order to guide and provide assistance to pedestrians and other road users and ensure their safety when crossing the streets and/or following traffic rules and regulations.
  3. As per DepED Order No. 50, s. 2005, the requirement of the CAT program shall be completion of any or a combination of its three (3) program components, namely: Military Orientation, Community Service and Public Safety and Law Enforcement. It shall be completed for a period of thirty-five (35) hours in a school year. The CAT Students therefore, are enjoined to render at least, one hour per week during school days, either in the morning when students rush to school or in the afternoon when the students go home after school hours.
  4. For program competencies, the CAT students are expected to know their community problems and concerns and identify ways by which one can serve the community with the assistance of the Local Government Unit (LGU). The students may demonstrate commitment to the enforcement of community/barangay or municipal ordinances.
  5. The local school officials shall coordinate with the LGUs and monitor/evaluate the community activities of the CAT students.
  6. Reports on the implementation of this program shall be submitted by the School Coordinators to their respective Regional Supervisors who, in turn, shall submit the report to DepED Central Office thru the Office of the Director, Administrative Service, via fax (02) 633-7223 or e-mail address: max_aljibe@yahoo.com.
  7. Immediate dissemination of this Order is directed.

DepED Order: (No. 50, s. 2005) Allotment: 1- -(D.O. 50-97)

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