March 8, 2010 DO 24, s. 2010 – Basic Education Research Fund

March 8, 2010
DO 24, s. 2010
Basic Education Research Fund
  1. DepEd maintains the Basic Education Research Fund (BERF) that is intended to finance the conduct of education-related researches/studies. For SY 2010-2011, the use of the BERF shall concentrate on areas/topics for research, to wit:
  1. Increasing participation rate by reaching the unreached children/learners
  2. Impact of pre-schooling on increasing survival rates in lower elementary grades
  3. Impact of feeding programs on pupil learning/achievement
  4. Raising the proficiency level of children already in school
  5. Increasing local government spending in basic education
  6. Cost Effectiveness of Education Service Purchasing
  7. Improving DepEd’s internal efficiency through the development of new and/or improvement of existing systems and procedures for implementing DepED programs and projects and other operations
  8. Modernization of DepEd operations
Research proponents may either narrow down the specific areas to be researched on, or may recommend other possible areas, subject to DepEd’s approval.
  1. Bureaus and Centers of the Central Office can avail of this research fund by submitting a research proposal following the prescribed format shown in Attachment 1.
  2. Institutions outside of DepEd may also apply. For this purpose, the following criteria shall be considered in the evaluation of a non-DepEd-developed research proposal :
  1. Qualification of the Service Provider (50%)
  2. Quality of the Proposal (30%); and
  3. Cost of the Proposal (20%).
  1. A research grant of PhP 500,000.00 shall be made available for each DepEd Regional Office and one Division Office per region to enable them to use research as a tool for making local policies and decisions. The utilization of the research grant shall be subject to the prior approval by the DepEd Central Office of their official request for the grant, duly supported by a research proposal which shall be within DepEd’s thrusts and policies described in item 1 hereof and in accordance with the attached format. The DepEd Research Grant shall be in the form of fund transfer to the Regional and concerned Division Offices. However, these offices are required to submit a full report after the research/study has been undertaken. Part of the report shall be the official copy of a proposed DepED order or memorandum addressing certain policy-relevant gaps applicable nationwide or obtaining in a specific region as a result of the findings and recommendations in the study.
  2. The invitation to undertake research in basic education is extended to DepEd and non-DepEd offices/researchers. However, the submission and evaluation of proposals from private institutions shall be subject to the provisions of RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act)
  3. The research must be completed within the year.
  4. Deadline for the submission of the request for a research grant and research proposal from the field offices is April 30, 2010.
  5. The Office of the Director for Planning Service shall coordinate and supervise the utilization of the Basic Education Research Fund.
  6. A Technical Evaluation Committee shall be organized to evaluate the research proposals submitted by different offices.
  7. Immediate dissemination of this Order is desired.
Jesli A. Lapus