April 21, 2010 DO 34, s. 2010 – Establishment of Baseline Data on Project ReACH

April 21, 2010
DO 34, s. 2010
Establishment of Baseline Data on Project ReACH
  1. One of the critical components of Project ReACH (Reaching All Children) is monitoring and evaluation. This is needed to further strengthen its implementation and ensure accomplishment of project targets. Activities under this component include establishment of database, providing technical assistance, periodic monitoring, outcome-based evaluation, and documentation of the best practices.
  2. Phase 1 of the monitoring and evaluation component will be the establishment of baseline data to come up with the project database, which will be done in April and May 2010. This database will form part of the bases for policy recommendations as well as for future monitoring and evaluation activities.
  3. Specifically, this phase of the monitoring and evaluation component is intended to:
  1. establish baseline data on Project ReACH on the following:
  • Division programs/projects/initiatives that address the objectives of Project ReACH;
  • Partnerships and areas of collaboration between schools and LGU/Barangay officials; and
  • Regional office support in the implementation of Project ReACH.
  1. monitor the utilization of funds released to the regions for the implementation of said Project.
  1. Initially, five (5) regions have been identified to be visited by the Monitoring Teams from the Central Office starting last week of April to the 3rd week of May. These regions are II, V, VI, XI, and Caraga. For each selected region, schools implementing Project ReACH programs and projects in two identified divisions shall be visited.
  2. In this regard, all concerned regional (i.e. Project ReACH Regional Teams), division, and school officials are hereby enjoined to cooperate and assist the Monitoring Teams in their visit to ensure that the monitoring objectives are properly accomplished. Members of Monitoring Teams shall coordinate with the concerned Regional Offices regarding details and specific schedule of the visits.
  3. Travel allowances of DepEd personnel from the Central Office shall be charged to Human Resource Training and Development (HRTD)-Project ReACH funds subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  4. For further inquiries, please contact the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects c/o Mr. Newelle Magas at tel. nos.: (02) 633-7206 and (02) 636-6549.
  5. Immediate dissemination of this Order is directed.
Ramon C. Bacani