May 17, 2010
DO 46, s. 2010
Policies and Guidelines on the Allocation of Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals
  1. It is hereby a policy of the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide every student with a complete set of textbooks (TXs) per grade/year level, and every teacher, a complete set of teacher’s manuals (TMs) that go with the TXs. In operational terms, the sum of the number of TXs allocated for each elementary and secondary school is equal to the current enrolment (i.e., the school year when the TXs and TMs will be delivered) as reported in the latest Basic Education Information System (BEIS) of the Central Office, plus 10% thereof to provide for possible increase in enrolment. The number of TMs allocated for each elementary and secondary school shall be determined by dividing the number of TXs by 35, the quotient of which is rounded to the nearest whole number.
  2. In addition, a buffer stock shall be provided for TXs and TMs equivalent to 10% of the projected enrolment of the school year when these will be delivered. The buffer stock shall answer for replacements for losses and/or damages of TXs, for increase in enrolment, and for meeting the requirements of newly established/created schools. Around 50% of the buffer stocks shall be delivered directly to the Division Offices, while 50% shall be delivered to the DepEd – CO warehouse initially located at FTI, Taguig City. In this regard, Schools Division Superintendents shall ensure that buffer stocks are properly stored in protected places/warehouses, and that these are equitably distributed to and utilized by schools in need.
  3. It is likewise a policy of DepEd to procure TXs/TMs on a centralized basis to avail of economics of scale. Textbook titles procured starting 2005 shall be reprinted on the second year after procurement. The quantity to be procured must not be greater than 25% of the original contracted quantity. The actual quantity for reprints is determined by considering the remaining buffer stock within a period of five years from procurement. The other important policies covering the universal procurement of TXs/TMs as well as those on replacement cost and damaged ones shall be issued under a separate order.
  4. The complete breakdown of allocation for School Year 2010 – 201 1 for textbook titles to be procured for elementary and secondary schools is attached as Annex 1. The complete breakdown of allocation for reprints of textbook titles is attached as Annex 2.
  5. All matters pertaining to textbook planning, content review and evaluation, technical standard setting, procurement and allocation, replacement/damaged/loss including condemnation and disposal of textbooks, implementation of the National Textbook Delivery Program (Textbook Count). Textbook Walk Program. Textbook Audit, etc., shall be coordinated with the IMCS. For any query or clarifications, please address your communication or email to:
The Executive Director
Instructional Materials Council Secretariat 5/F, Mabini Bldg., DepEd Complex Meralco Ave., Pasig City
Telefax: 6340901/63 13690
Project Development Officer V
Procurement Monitoring Division
  1. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Order is desired.
Mona D. Valisno