May 17, 2010
DO 61, s. 2010
Guidelines for the Training and Development of Muslim Teachers (Asatidz) of the Arabic Language Islamic Values Education (ALIVE) in Public Elementary Schools
  1. Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 46, also known as “Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of DepEd Order No. 51, s. 2004 Prescribing the Enriched Curriculum for Public Schools and Standard Curriculum for Private Madaris,” specifically item no. 8, on training of teachers, the Asatidz shall undergo training programs to raise the quality of delivery of the ALIVE subjects.
  2. Initially, the qualified Asatidz candidates are required to pass the Arabic Qualifying Examination (QE) being administered by a Team Arabic Experts. The Arabic QE shall soon be institutionalized through the National Education Testing Center (NETRC).
  3. Those who will pass the Arabic QE shall undergo the 23-day Pre-Service Training on Language Enhancement and Pedagogy (LEaP). Upon completion, the Asatidz shall be deployed in schools implementing the ALIVE program.
  4. While the Asatidz are teaching, they shall undergo screening to qualify for the Accelerated Teacher Education Program (ATEP) which is a stop-gap measure aimed at professionalizing the” Asatidz. In two years time, the Asatidz shall have finished the program and earn a degree in Education, making them eligible to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).
  5. The Asatidz who passed the LET shall be given the Madrasah Teacher I item in their respective regions and divisions. The procedures for the selection of teachers for the Madrasah Teacher I item are described in an unnumbered memorandum dated 16 June 2008, issued by Undersecretary Ramon C. Bacani.
  6. To create a steady pool of professional Asatidz to teach in the ALIVE program, a curriculum for the degree programs BEE/ BSE and Certificate and Diploma courses major in Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education shall be designed and developed by the Department, through the Office of the Undersecretary for Muslim Affairs.
  7. Once these programs start producing graduates, the ATEP will be gradually phased-out and these degree programs will be the main source of Asatidz in the country.
  8. As per DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2010, budgetary allocations for these training programs shall be incorporated in the budget of the Regional/Division Offices, to be deducted from the authorized lump sum allocation for Basic Education Madrasah. However, while the mainstreaming and transfer has not been completed, budgetary requirements shall be charged to Madrasah Funds.
  9. Immediate dissemination of this memorandum is desired.
Mona D. Valisno