June 18, 2010 DO 84, s. 2010 – One School, One Supreme Pupil/Student Government Policy

June 18, 2010
DO 84, s. 2010
One School, One Supreme Pupil/Student Government Policy
  1. The Department of Education (DepEd) enjoins all schools to implement the One School, One Supreme Student Government Policy. The Student Government Program consists of two (2) school-based organizations: the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and the Supreme Student Government (SSG).
  2. This Policy aims to:
    1. lay the groundwork for unity and cooperation among pupils and students by providing them a venue for improving their leadership skills and abilities;
    2. seek to train pupils and students to become better members of society anchored on the ideals and principles of participative democracy and good citizenship; and
    3. harness the pupil and student governments as partners in achieving quality education and academic excellence.
  3. The following guidelines shall be strictly followed and implemented:
    1. A school, regardless of any special curriculum programs (such as special science, arts, sports and special education), shall organize only one SPG or SSG, as applicable, for every school year;
    2. Schools with duly recognized annexes shall organize a separate SPG or SSG provided that the annex is complete with all grade/year levels;
    3. Schools with special curriculum programs or with incomplete annexes shall be allowed the election of one representative per program to coincide with the synchronized elections in February of every year apart from the positions enumerated in pertinent DepEd Orders; and
    4. In the interim, schools with special curriculum programs, which have organized separate SPGs or SSGs for School Year 2010-2011, shall allow their existence and operations; provided that a Coordinating Council (CC), which will synchronize their programs, projects and activities, is established. The Head of the CC shall be chosen by all the SPG or SSG officers regardless of program from among the SPG or SSG Presidents. In case of a tie, a toss of coin shall be employed.
  4. All school heads are tasked to ensure and oversee the implementation of this Order in their respective schools. All Division and Regional Coordinators of the Student Government Program (SGP) are required to monitor and report compliance with this Order to the Department of Education-Center for Students and Co- Curricular Affairs (DepEd-CSCA).
  5. All previous DepEd Orders and Memoranda issued relative the SGP or the SPG and SSG not inconsistent with this Order shall remain in force and effect.
  6. For queries and clarifications, please get in touch with Mr. Joey G. Pelaez, Executive Director, DepEd-CSCA through telephone nos.: (02) 631-8495 or (02) 636-3603 or e-mail address: joeypelaez@ymail.com or website: www.deped- csca.com.
  7. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.
Mona D. Valisno