August 25, 2010 DO 99, s. 2010 – Designation of Regional and Division Communications Officers

August 25, 2010
DO 99, s. 2010
Designation of Regional and Division Communications Officers
  1. To better facilitate news and information processing from the regions and divisions to the central office, this Department directs all the regional directors and the schools division/city superintendents to designate communications officers who will work with this Office through the Communications Unit. The designation of communications officers in regional and division offices is in compliance with the directive of His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III for government agencies to be more responsive to the needs of and transparent with the media and the public.
  2. The designated communication officers shall be tasked to:
  1. assist and act as point persons in addressing issues and concerns raised by the public and the media involving their offices;
  2. inform this office of any untoward incidents in their respective areas and submit a detailed report within 24 hours to this Office;
  3. provide news feeds to the Communications Unit for possible inclusion in media releases to national papers. This does not preclude any contributions submitted to the Educational Information Division (EID) for printing in the EducNews;
  4. support the heads of their units (regional directors and schools division/city superintendents) in responding to media queries and local news issues;
  5. coordinate with the Communications Unit on official statements and reactions on existing issues; and
  6. perform the duties of a communications officer on top of their current duties.
  1. The communications officers should be:
  1. holding a position of at least Unit Head or higher;
  2. familiar with the operations of their respective offices and be able to quickly get information on specific concerns; and
  3. able to accurately respond to concerns regarding their respective offices.
  1. The communications officers shall have alternates should they be unavailable to respond to issues and concerns requested by this Office through the Communications Unit.
  2. All concerned are requested to send the names and contact details (e-mail address: landline and mobile phone numbers) of their designated communications officers with alternates to the Office of the Secretary, attention: Director Ana Cristina M. Ganzon, through e-mail address:; and/or telefax no.: (02) 636-4876 on or before August 27, 2010. For inquiries, contact the Communications Unit at telephone nos.: (02) 631-6033 or (02) 633- 2120.
  3. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.
Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC