DO 13, s. 2014 – Learner Information System (LIS) Updating of Learner Profiles for School Year (SY) 2013-2014

March 6, 2014
DO 13, s. 2014
Learner Information System (LIS) Updating of Learner Profiles for School Year (SY) 2013-2014

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
All Others Concerned

  1. The Department of Education (DepEd) has enhanced its Learner Information System (LIS), which is ready for Updating of Learner Profiles for School Year (SY) 2013-2014 through online access starting February 26, 2014.
  2. The LIS has the following additional features:
    1. support to the Mother-Tongue Based-Multilingual Education (MTB- MLE) and Inclusive Education;
    2. incorporation of the revised and simplified School Forms 1, 4 and 5, which are being implemented through DepEd Order No. 4, s. 2014 entitled Adoption of the Modified School Forms (SFs) for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Effective End of School Year 2013- 2014; and
    3. enhanced facilities which can improve data accuracy and system security.
  3. All school heads of public schools are directed to immediately update their learner’s profiles for this SY following the housekeeping of their learners’ data in the LIS stipulated in DepEd Order No. 33, s. 2013 entitled Learner Information System (LIS) Data Housekeeping and Implementation for School Year 2013-2014.
  4. In updating learner data, the concerned personnel shall follow these steps:
    1. Register new public school learners for SY 2013-2014. These include those enroled in Kindergarten for SY 2013-2014 and those enroled in private schools in SY 2012-2013.
    2. Register learners who are enroled in SY 2013-2014 but do not have any LRNs yet after ensuring that a thorough search in the LIS has been conducted. Determine whether or not the learner’s name already exists in the Learner Registry before he/she is enroled for the SY. The improved Search Learner facility of the LIS shall aid in determining whether the learner already has a Learner Reference Number (LRN) or not. Learner’s uniqueness must be established so that he/she is only assigned one LRN throughout the entire Basic Education Program.
    3. Update learners’ data for beginning of SY 2013-2014, using data from manually-prepared Form 1: School Register to ensure completeness of information.
    4. At the end of SY 2013-2014, update the enrolment status of learners based on the School Report on Promotions. The enrolment status of the learner shall be any of the following:
      1. Promoted when the learner has achieved the necessary competencies in all subject areas to move to next grade/year level;
      2. Irregular when the learner will move to the next grade/year level but with the condition that he/she completes remedial classes in the learning areas where desired level of proficiency has not been achieved;
      3. Retained when the learner has not achieved the necessary competencies to move to the next grade/year level, hence retained in the same grade/year level;
      4. Dropped Out when the learner has left the school and has not completed the full term in said school for reasons other than transferring to another school; and
      5. Transferred Out when the learner has transferred to another school within the school year.
  5. The following timeline in the updating of LIS for SY 2013-2014 shall be observed:
    LIS Activity Official
    Timeline for Encoding and Updating
    Updating of LIS for beginning of SY 2013-2014 School Heads February 24-March 31, 2014
    Updating of LIS for end of SY 2013-2014 March 3 – April 30, 2014
  6. The LIS shall be accessed through the web address: using the same school username and password used in the previous system and in the EBEIS. This account will default to the privileges of a SH that allows for access to the school’s master list of learners for all grade/year levels. From this access point, the SH can create user accounts for different school personnel whom he/she authorizes to access the LIS. A detailed manual of operations including these guidelines are accessible in the LIS homepage through this link:
  7. The regional directors through the Regional Planning Units and the schools division superintendents through the Division Planning Units shall jointly provide technical assistance to the schools to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of submitted data.
  8. The schools division offices shall oversee the encoding of data for schools with no access to Internet facilities.
  9. All personnel involved in the LIS at the schools, district and division levels are allowed to render overtime services during weekdays, weekends, and holidays when necessary to meet the LIS target schedules. At the school level, these overtime services can be converted to service credits.
  10. All previous issuances relative to this Order, which are found inconsistent are deemed superseded or modified accordingly.
  11. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.

DepEd Order: Nos. (33, s. 2013 and 4, s. 2014)

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