DO 42, s. 2014 – Guidelines on Resolving School Year (SY) 2014-2015 Learner Information System (LIS) Data Issues

October 7, 2014
DO 42, s. 2014
Guidelines on Resolving School Year (SY) 2014-2015 Learner Information System (LIS) Data Issues

To:     Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division / City Superintendents
Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
All Others Concerned

  1. In line with the initiative to establish an accurate and reliable registry of learners in the Learner Information System (LIS), all public elementary and secondary schools, with technical assistance from their respective Schools Division Offices (SDO) are hereby directed to review and correct the identified data issues in the SY 2014-2015 Learner Profiles in the system.
  2. Data issues that will not be acted upon by the schools, divisions and regions after the October 24, 2014 deadline will be disregarded and excluded from the SY 2014 enrolment.
  3. Multiple Enrolment is a data issue where one learner is enrolled in more than one school as of the cut-off date for enrolment (June 6, 2014).
    1. Multiple Enrolment issues shall be addressed through an online facility in the LIS that allows the school to request confirmation or nullification of the enrolment. Schools are required to submit a copy of the SF1 – School Register and SF 2 – Attendance Report as supporting documents to the Division Planning Unit (DPU) to ensure the validity of their claim on the multiple enrolment issue. These documents shall be accompanied by a letter request signed by the school head.
    2. The DPU may also confirm or nullify enrolment through the online facility given that they have received the required documents from the schools concerned.
    3. If more than one school in the same division confirm the enrolment of one learner, the DPU shall validate based on the information gathered from the schools.
    4. If more than one school in different divisions but within the same region confirm the enrolment of one learner, the Regional Planning Unit shall coordinate with the concerned divisions to facilitate the resolution of these issues.
    5. If more than one school in different regions confirm the enrolment of one learner, the DPU will prepare a report on these cases with supporting documents and corresponding recommendation to resolve every issue. The report shall be signed by the SDS and emailed to the following addresses for validation at the Central Office to and
    6. A User’s Guide for the online facility may be downloaded from the LIS Dashboard or through the link
  4. Invalid Date of Birth is a data issue where the learner’s date of birth results in an age that does not meet the Department of Education’s minimum age requirement (5 years old) for school entry by October 31, 2014 or in a potentially inaccurate age (greater than 20 years old) upon enrolment, or is inconsistent with the birth date indicated in the birth or baptismal certificate.
    1. Invalid date of birth shall be corrected at the school level through the “Update Learner Profile” facility of the LIS provided that these learners are not affected by a multiple enrolment issue. The multiple enrolment issue must be resolved first before the date of birth can be corrected.The school may either correct the date of birth or confirm the encoded date of birth. Date of birth corrections must be supported by a birth or baptismal certificate.
    2. The SDO shall be provided a Report on Learner Age and Date of Birth Issues by the Office of Planning Service – Research and Statistics Division (OPS-RSD) for their monitoring.
  5. Multiple Learner Reference Numbers (LRN) is a data issue where multiple learner reference numbers (LRN) have the same first name, middle name, last name, date of birth and gender, resulting in one learner having more than one LRN.
    1. These data issues shall be resolved at the Central Office level through an automated housekeeping facility that determines the oldest LRN of a learner with multiple LRNs and applies the oldest LRN to all current and historical enrolment records. The output of this housekeeping task is the consolidation of multiple learner profiles such that only one LRN is assigned to each learner in the registry.
    2. The consolidation of multiple learner records into one LRN may result to a multiple enrolment case which will be flagged in the LIS and resolved at the school, division and regional levels in accordance with the guidelines stated in this document.
    3. No action on this issue is required at the school, division or regional levels
  6. In the event that the school is unable to comply with the timeline for resolving data issues, the school has to write the reason/s for non-submission to its SDO providing sufficient justification. The SDO must review and support with a firm recommendation to the Central Office through OPS-RSD.
  7. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.


DepEd Order:  Nos. 4 and 13, s. 2014

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