July 1, 2015
Lucky Joy T. Miguel, a native of Binacag, Banna, Ilocos Norte, finished her race and earned a special award during the recently concluded 8th Graduation Day of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a free education program of the Department of Education (DepEd) on July 4, 2015 at San Nicolas Central Elementary School, Ilocos Norte. Born without a limb 19 years ago, the young girl expressed her thoughts on how to reach her big dream, become a symbol of a strong person, and portray a living example of hope and heroine of faith despite her disability. “I accept wholeheartedly and understand that God created me with a purpose. I never question God why He let this unexplainable thing comes in and one thing is for sure, I love who I am”, she humbly shared as she showed her happy face. Looking back, she remembered her battle of experiencing doubt, rejection, loneliness, and bullying because of her physical difference. Amidst being old enough to attend school, she was determined to finish her studies with her strong and unshakeable faith in God, unconditional love from her family and acceptance from the community. For her, being back in school means being back to pursue her dream. Becoming a teacher has always been her ultimate dream. Because of the ALS Program, her dream eventually starts to become a reality. Thankful for this opportunity, she is committed to her passion for learning and widening her horizon. With a standing ovation, she received her High School Diploma as a sign of her first triumph but her foot remained rooted on the ground and her face heading upward waiting for God’s blessing to pursue Teacher Education. “I am very grateful to all the people who bullied, mocked, accepted, supported and helped me. If “Thank you” were rain, my gratitude would be the strongest hurricane and if it is an earthquake, then it would be with the maximum intensity,” she said with teary eyes.