CARAA officiating officials to undergo refresher course

Officiating officials in this year’s Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic (CARAA) Meet must undergo a refresher course to start two days before the commencement of games this coming Saturday (February 6).

“As always, we hope for clean, impartial, and commendable conduct of games during our CARAA,” said Dr. Agustin B. Gumuwang, Chief of the Education Support Services Division (ESSD) of the Department of Education.

Gumuwang, also the regional sports coordinator, expressed high hopes for the selected officiating officials coming from both public and private schools across the region.

During a meeting with the tournament managers last January 21 at the Prince Plaza Hotel, Baguio City, Gumuwang reiterated that selected officiating officials should not also be members of any working committee in their respective delegation or division.

“There should be no duplication of work. If you are an officiating official, you must not have an additional function in the province or delegation you belong to. This will avoid any partial perception on your part as a judge,” he said.

Officiating officials who fail to join the refresher course today (February 4) at the Baguio City athletic bowl bleachers will immediately be replaced. Coaches are also encouraged to join the course so as to update all participants with whatever changes in the rules and conduct of the 25 sports events including the demonstration sports – Kadang-kadang, sanggul, and beach volleyball.

These officials will be provided meal allowance for the duration of the sports meet and are eligible for service credits or compensatory time-offs.

One must be accredited at least in the regional level and have had several trainings and extensive experience in management of sports events to be nominated or included in the roster of officiating officials for the CARAA.

Around 300 officiating officials will take part in the management of games and selection of the best athletes to represent the region in the 2016 Palarong Pambansa on April to be hosted by the Province of Albay.