Together Everyone Achieves More

Supporting Menguito’s administration of the Region are eight divisions that serve as its bastions in aiming for excellence.  The TEAM ensures equitable access to quality and basic education in the region by developing informed and responsive policies and plans, managing effectively the localized curriculum and learning resources, assuring quality performance, providing appropriate and timely technical assistance to schools divisions, and sustaining effective education support services and partnership with stakeholders. The TEAM is composed of the Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD), Quality Assurance Division (QAD), Human Resources Development Division (HRDD), Policy, Planning and Research Division (PPRD), Field Technical Assitance Division (FTAD), Education Support Services Division (ESSD) Administrative Services Division (ASD), and the Budget and Finace Division (BFD).
The Curriculum and Learning Management Division contributes in the improvement of region wide performance, specifically on learning outcomes, by helping the schools division to ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education by localizing curriculum, enforcing standards and providing access to quality and varied learning resources.

Dr. Genia V. Santos heads the CLMD. Her leadership is transformational and is grounded on moral character, concern for others, and congruence of ethical values with action. She believes that credibility and trustworthiness are critical characteristics of a good leader. She strives for fairness, respect for others, and congruence of ethical values with action.

Dr. Felicino C. Trongco leads the HRDD, a gentleman who encapsulates the values of hardwork and dedication, a true blooded leader and a good follower, someone whose character is  preceeded by his devotion to work.  The Human Resource Division ensures that the region has competent personnel through the development and implementation of strategic HRD plans and programs including the delivery of quality and sustainable HRD services.

Dr. Emmanuel I. Maninang is the Chief of FTAD. His leadership focuses on the various needs of the division. The FTAD strengthens the schools division in managing their respective schools towards the achievement of their targetted performance outcomes.

Dr. Victoria R. Mayo at the helm of PPRD, never hesitates to help anyone who approaches her and seek her assistance. Her leadership anchors on productive relationships, capitalizing on partnerships rooted on the freedom of choice and participating only in activities which are usually beneficial and uplifting for the region.  She is truly an exceptional leader worth of emulation. The Policy, Planning and Research Division does not only serve as repository of data, but it ensures that the region develops the strategic and development plans, establishes the policies and standards and guidelines and is provided with the regional educational data and information to make governance and operational decisions in improving access to and delivery of basic education.

Dr. Jocelyn V. Marcial heads the ESSD. She exudes discipline and refinement, an excellent and well-mannered leader who embodies the essence and dedication of hardwork.
The Education Support Services Division strengthens the delivery of quality basic education by helping the schools divisions provide with conducive learning environment and ensure learner’s readiness through the timely mobilization and equitable distribution of sufficient resources towards effective and efficient implementation of sustainable special programs/projects and services.

Attorney Joylyn P. Dulnuan is the Regional Chief Administrative Officer. Her leadership is anchored on commitment and discipline. Her dedication towards work makes her an indispensable leader.
The Administrative Services Division provides efficient, economical and effective support services relating to personnel, records, receipt of correspondence, supplies, equipment, collection, disbursement, security and custody of property, and reportorial work to oversight agencies. ASD also ensures productivity and performance of the regional management in delivering the core business of the Regional Office, and provides assistance to the DOs in partnership with the promotional personnel for the attainment of the vision and mission of the department.

Mrs. Elsa P. Mariano leads the personnel section. A person with the beautiful heart. Exemplifies hard work and sensitivity towards the people under her leadership.
The Quality Assurance Division promotes and protects accountability and transparency in the region by ensuring compliance with the standards in the preformance of roles and functions towards achieving outputs and results by assessing, assuring quality, and monitoring and evaluating performance to obtain accurate, timely, and relevant information that serves as a basis for decision making nand continuous improvement in the delivery of basic education services.

Dr. Crisanto A. Ecija, serves as Officer-in-charge of the QAD at the moment since the retirement of Dr. Flordelina A. Alquiza in March.
The budget and Finance Division, with Mr. Paulino C. Garcia, at the helm, takes charge of the financial resources of the region, its utilization, and provide services in budgeting, accounting, payroll, processing, reporting and coordinating with government oversight the fiscal agencies in order to ensure judicious expenditures to support and attain the departments’ vision, mission and goals.
Change is accelerating, uncertainty is permanent, and chaos is common. Yet some leaders navigate these conditions exceptionally well. Thatn is how the DepEd-NCR employees are known for. They don’t merely react: they create. They don’t merely survive; they prevail. They don’t merely succeed; they thrive.

By: Maricar D. Agao