1st and 2nd Quarter RMEA in DepEd Region 7

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To promulgate a “check and balance” system required of a rationalized agency, DepEd Regional Office 7 is conducting its 1st and 2nd Quarter Regional Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment (RMEA) today at the Regional Office Conference Room. All members of the Functional Divisions and Regional Units once again assemble for one of the “historical initiatives” in the region, says Mrs. Merden Bryant, Education Program Supervisor of QAD. This activity is spearheaded by the Quality Assurance Division as one of its functions is tailored from the Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment (MEA) for all divisions and district areas of this region. Having to lead such technical assistance to its clients, it has initiated to catalyze a regional version of the MEA. Since, this reflects the agency’s optimum advocacy on ‘Education for All’, the objectives of RMEA include: implementing a “check and balance” system, reviewing the Physical and Financial accomplishments, looking into unaccomplished outputs, delivering Value-Added Outputs, and identifying concerns/issues/gaps/problems of all Functional Divisions and Regional Units.

RMEA will be facilitated until July 20, 2016. Report of the Divisions’ Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment (DMEA) will take place on July 21-22, 2016.

And now that it is fully operating, Juliet A. Jeruta, OIC-Regional Director, has challenged all her members to invest early, smartly and learning for all system so that they can competitively qualify for a fully established rationalized agency.