Round the Clock

September 27, 2016

“I want to become a teacher someday because I want to help kids learn how to read and write.”

This is the usual answer a kid would respond when asked what he wants to become in the future. It is amazing to note that at a very young age they can already see how great teachers are. Teachers may not wear the best outfits as they ride in motorcycle going to school, they may not carry expensive bags, they may not go home in well-built and concrete houses, they may not use on-the-trend phones, they may not wear fancy jewelry, they may not travel in spendthrift vacations, they may not send their children to best universities, they may not provide their sons and daughters new things and clothes, they may not have bills in their wallets, they may not own vehicles to use for their everyday travel, they may not have air conditioned classrooms,  still they are our teachers.

The thought of being a teacher is enough to justify that they are vital cog in the country’s development. It is right and fitting to say that teachers are clockwork public servants of the government. The word ‘No’ has never been incorporated in a teacher’s vocabulary. The undying spirit of these brains and brawns of the society has never dwindled to satisfy themselves from the clamor for apt and optimum education to be provided to their students.

Teachers are always looked up to by anyone whether in public or private places. Simply, the responsibility of bringing up composure and dignity should always be shouldered wherever their feet direct them to go. Hence, in cases when a teacher commits blunder reactions, it would come out plaguing his reputation. Thus, as you embody this profession, you must personify reputable character. It is inevitable. It always is.

              In this light, a teacher’s influence is perennial. This response is priceless. When they see teachers as someone reliable to be asked, young ones are endeared to pursue the plan of taking the pedagogical world. Truly, a teacher’s wisdom is incalculable. The experience of being remembered will always pay the toil and hard work teachers provide in their whole day challenge. Twenty-four hours. Three hundred sixty degrees. Total round of the clock.

Calbayog City National High School being the edifice of excellence in Calbayog City Division proudly unfurls its banner bringing the name and honor teachers primarily have built and established. It takes a real-life endeavor to make up an inspiring and success story.

Right from its humble beginning, CCNHS is now an institution built with pride, fervor, and unity behind the baton of the best teachers.

Head and Heart

Right from its establishment, CCNHS is a rising mountain from the deep land of promise and hope. The honor is fostered in different administrations that held the headship in the school. There may be faux pas in the line, but the school has risen to reverse the dark blot in its forename. It may not have reached the grid without the learning experiences that fortified the promise of becoming a school to count on.

With the headship of a nimble and debonair principal, CCNHS continuously upholds the honor it has been bringing since then. City High will always be a home to Dr. Calick D. Arrieta, School Principal. Indeed, he epitomizes the saying everything happens for a reason in perfect time. He started as a humble classroom teacher of Calbayog City High School (its first name) teaching Chemistry in fun-filled ways. Dr. Arrieta is natural born leader and achiever for at a very young age he has already achieved accolades from the division and region. His eloquence has brought him to various speaking engagements local and international. It is no quite amazing to know that in Calbayog City he pioneered the standards in speakership and hosting.

Dr. Arrieta is a mixture of brain and heart who possesses qualities of a strong leader with humanitarian hand. This has brought him to the pedestal that he deserves. His diligence in his work gave him the opportunity to stand as Officer In-Charge in Calbayog City National High School and Tarabucan National high School. Good records and positive feedback would attest how effective his leadership is to his school. This has given him the passport to enter the Division Office serving for a year as a Senior Education Program Specialist. In his career as SEPS, he was able to show off expertise in various facets of administration leading Division of Calbayog City in the conduct of seminars and workshops. Dr. Calick passed the examination for Principal giving him the ticket to lead the biggest secondary school in Calbayog City. It’s not about the age. The young principal heads CCNHS with all his intellect and commanding passion bringing new era of change to the school.

In his administration, City High turns over a new leaf with a new organizational structure as the school balloons its populace for this school year. With the full-blown implementation of Senior High School, Sir Janus, as his friends fondly call him, serves with poise and aplomb together with the department heads and grade level chairmen. There may be existing and continuing problems circulating around the school, but his humble heart and calmness would maintain the school’s aspiration to becoming a top caliber school in the division. Too early to conclude, but with his vision, CCNHS is now heading its way to becoming an excellent abode of learning.

“Never settle for less,” uttered Dr. Calick D. Arrieta in his speech. This is a challenged posed to all the teachers and students that now in his administrations the bar should be set higher to uphold the name and honor of the school.