DO 2, s. 2017 – Guidelines on the Utilization of the Financial Support and Registration Fee for the Host Region on the Conduct of the National Festival of Talents

January 6, 2017
DO 2, s. 2017
Guidelines on the Utilization of the Financial Support and Registration Fee for the Host Region on the Conduct of the National Festival of Talents
To:      Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
All Others Concerned
  1.  As a means to measure learner’s performance and outputs based on the curriculum standards, the Department of Education (DepEd) is conducting annually the National Festival of Talents (NFOT) as a culminating activity of all learning experiences and skills acquired.  Its major purpose is to provide the learners with opportunities to showcase their talents and skills through exhibitions of their products and performances as evidence of their learning.
  2. DepEd, through the Bureau of Curriculum Development (BCD), has been spearheading the NFOT since 2012.  Participants in the NFOT are learners representing regional winners from the different events, as well as coaches, judges, regional coordinators and members of the technical working groups at the national level and of the host region.
  3. Each year, the regions take turns in hosting the NFOT.  As a host region, its major responsibility is to facilitate the conduct of the NFOT, including preparatory activities, post-NFOT meetings, and liquidation of funds.
  4. In order to guide the host region on the utilization of funds downloaded for the purpose, the eligible expenditure items covered under the subsidy fund are the following:
  1. Board and lodging of the National Technical Working Group (NTWG) members during the planning activities, ocular inspection, and actual conduct;
  2. Board and lodging of the Board of Judges during the actual event;
  3. Meals of regional delegation during the three-day activity;
  4. Venue, facilities and equipment rentals for the different events;
  5. Utility expenses such as water, electricity, security, and maintenance services;
  6. Consumables for use by the learners;
  7. Supplies and materials, including medals and trophies;
  8. Honoraria of judges; and
  9. Transportation of the Regional TWG during the Post-NFOT Conference in Manila.
  1. The Budget Division­–Finance Management Service shall issue the Sub-Allotment Release Order (Sub-ARO) to the recipient region.  In turn, upon receipt of the Sub-ARO, the region shall request the Department of Budget and Management–Regional Office the corresponding cash requirements or Notice of Cash Allocation.
  2. The host region shall use the allocation solely for the purpose indicated and shall be accountable for the disbursement and fund liquidation in accordance with the existing budget, accounting and auditing rules and regulations.  The region shall submit a technical and financial report within one month after the completion of the activity.
  3. Likewise, the collection from the registration fee receipts shall be used for the following items:
  1.  Accommodation of the regional delegations for three days;
  2. Operational expenses of the Regional Technical Working Groups (meals, board and lodging, transportation, kits, rentals, and other relevant expenses); and
  3. Tokens of Resource Persons and other significant guests.
  1. Any unexpended balance from the downloaded fund and registration fee shall be deposited to the Bureau of Treasury.
  2. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance of this Order is directed.
SecretaryReference: DepEd Memorandum No. 209, s. 2016
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