February 24, 2018

Tenth grader Judy Renico is beaming with joy every time a prospective customer enters the National Capital Region’s booth and marvels at the products she is selling during the bazaar exhibit of the National Festival of Talents (NFOT) in Dumaguete City.

The bazaar exhibit is one of the categories of the NFOT’s Technolympics wherein each region showcases the products and services of their schools and learning centers.
Since day one of the bazaar exhibit, Judy can be seen proudly and enthusiastically presenting and selling her products to visitors.

Her products include her original recipes –pumpkin cream smores and camote tops citrus juice – which, she ensured, are both delicious and nutritious. These are being sold to generate income as part of the innovative livelihood project of Concepcion Technical Vocational School in Malabon City where she studies.

She also sells the metal crafts created by Grade 12 Shielded Metal Arc Welding students from the same school.

But Judy clarified that the goal is not just to earn money, but more importantly, to contribute to the community.

“My products are already being used in the feeding programs of our locality. I supply to different school canteens,” Judy enthused.

When asked how she discovered that she can whip up dishes, pastries, and refreshments, Judy shared that she only learned how to cook when she entered the tech-voc school wherein she enjoyed the Food Trades subject.

It was no surprise then that she wants to pursue the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track when she enters Senior High School. “I want to learn more on cookery, food and beverages, and Home Economics so I can continuously hone and enrich my skills,” she added.

What she plans to do with her knowledge and skills is even nobler.

“I want to become a teacher, with specialization in Technology and Livelihood Education, so that I can share everything that I have learned and experienced in this field,” Judy shared.

She also believes that NFOT does not only enrich their entrepreneurial skills; it also teaches them that they have a responsibility for the betterment of the society.

“I am very happy, and this is one of my greatest experiences.”