AIM: RO9’s Significant Influence

Friday, January 29, 2016
Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is an international management school, described by Asiaweek magazine as the best in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of executive education.

AIM envisioned a 21st century Asian change agents and designed the school’s master and executive programs to produce managers with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to their workplace. It also assists development managers in maximizing their potential and impact on their respective communities. AIM builds on your strength as a leader and gives tools you need to complete, thrive and succeed in the development.

The participants of the training are the chosen 50 key officials of the region who are considered forerunners of the department.

The Regional Director is hopeful that the training will reap enormous dividends for the region in response to the erstwhile call for improving quality of education and services.

Our profession demands the breadth of skills in our job, hence, this training will enable the participants to work at a higher efficiency level. They were appreciative for the insights and they look forward to integrate such learning gained to their respective home assignment. They commit to be the best that they can be, now that they are better equipped.

To be called a servant would not hurt at all. But that is what it takes to be a leader; to wield influence.