Marielle G. Singayan

Behind every great athlete is a great trainer – and an even greater parent.

Angelita Agabao, 46, a resident of Taytay, Rizal, is a proud mother of four young athletes who have competed in the sporting event arnis. One of her children, Angeline, is part of the CALABARZON Heroes and one of the competitors in the elementary division. She says that it is Angeline’s first time competing in the Palarong Pambansa, but the pride and support she gives her is astounding.

When asked about Angeline’s performance, Angelita joyously states that she is happy for her daughter.

“Focused din siya sa ginagawa niya,” Angelita proudly adds.

Angelita also states that she has not expressed any doubt when Angeline decided to be a part of her school’s arnis team. She shares her experience with her son Angelito’s plight when the latter began his own quest in the said sporting event.

Noong una, hindi niya ipinaalam sa akin na nagte-training pala siya ng ganyan,” she wistfully remarks of her son.

It should be noted that Angelito is the one who started the “arnis trend” among his younger siblings.

Nagagalit ako, napapalo ko siya kasi gabi na siya umuuwi,” says Angelita. “Takot siyang magpaalam sa akin kasi baka hindi ko siya payagan.”

Angelita eventually allowed Angelito (and, subsequently, the rest of her children) to pursue the sport they all wanted to be a part of. She says that it is much better than seeing her children mingle with their peers who would only lead them astray.

  • Mrs Angelita Agabao and her daughter Angeline salutes to the sport Arnis and to each other to showcase their love for the latter in Malayan Colleges Mindanao, April 30, 2019. PHOTO BY KEITH DANIEL TIZON

Angelita also says that she never coerces any of her children into joining any sporting event. Whatever her children want she lets them, as long as she is assured that these wants would not harm but instead benefit them.

In spite of being faced also with financial troubles, Angelita continues to support her children’s journey in the world of sports.

Kahit mahal ‘yung pinapabili ng mga coach o trainer, kinakaya ko.”

Her children’s best interests will always be Angelita’s top priority, and it shows with how proud she is of their achievements and how much she supports them all the way.

People say that behind every great man stands an equally great woman. For athletes, however, their trainers are not the only ones to provide support to them as they face their opponents during competitions. An athlete’s parents will always be there for them, standing in the shadows – watching over them with pride and joy.

Parents supporting their young athletes with everything they’ve got – hearts and souls included.

Whatever it takes.