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The tale of the sightless champion in Bayugan National Conprehensive High School inspired thousands of people in Bayugan City. He may be blind for almost all his life, but little do people know, he has already “found his eyes.”

Francis Elvin “Tamtam” Castromayor is one of Bayugan City’s finest athletes, with back-to-back medals won in the past few years since his start in the world of sports during second year in high school.

Born with visual impairment, Tamtam faced the struggle of performing his best as a shot put athlete without his sense of sight. Every day he trained with the ambition to become stronger, supported by his mother and his Special Education (SPED) teachers. He also joins running events for the totally blind.

Tamtam never thought he would be able to run on a track. But he has won countless times in the running event but not without the guidance of his closest friend, sprinter Elymar Diaz.

Diaz was a star on the track, an individual with overflowing athleticism and always upheld honor for his alma mater. Despite being the school’s star athlete, he maintains a close friendship with Tamtam.

Diaz is not only Tamtam’s best friend, but also a guide and support for him during his running events.

“He’s the only one who could match my pacing, and I’ve developed a bond with him as both my friend and mentor when it comes to these kinds of events,” says Tamtam.

“Tam-tam” earns his second gold medal in Shot-put event in Palarong Pambansa at Davao City.
Even though he’s completely blind, it never hinders him to achieve his success. (Photo by Nicca Mae Mangaron)

Every time Tamtam’s feet step on the track, Diaz is always with him to serve as his eyes highly aware of where to go and where to step.

Tamtam’s mother describes the friendship between Tamtam and Diaz as “so special they could be long-lost brothers by soul and heart.”
“They’ve been together as friends since their second year as classmates,” she stated with the loveliest smile on her face. “Whenever one needs the other, even in times of emergency, they always find a way to meet up, and if they do, it’s total chaos.” She quipped.

She says they always come up with the funniest antics, and even in training, they find ways to goof around during their free time.

“If I could have Diaz as my real brother, I would.” Tamtam stated with pride. “We’ve known each other for five years now, I would never have been where I am without him and the rest of the people who’ve supported me in my life both as an athlete and a student.”

The special bond between Diaz and Tamtam is a heartwarming sight for those who see them together, on or off the track. Both athletes look out for each other, support, care, and have trust unmatched by any other. Tamtam may be blind, but Diaz became his gateway to do more than most people expect him to do. Tamtam, our sightless champ, has found his eyes.