May 3, 2021

Legazpi City – The Department of Education Region V, in cooperation with the Federated Supreme Student Government Officers (SSG), held the first virtual Bicol Regional Assemly of SSG leaders dubbed Pagtiripon, April 30, 2021.

The event gathered all the Division Federated Supreme Student Government (DFSSG), Division Federated Teacher Advisers and some DepEd personnel to give them the opportunity to engage on matters related to school governance and community engagement. It also aimed to provide deeper understanding of the issues or concept revolving around the school and the community.

One of the highlights of the assembly was the presentation of the student’s rights and welfare report which reflected the result of the survey initiated by the RFSSG about student’s challenges and opportunities in this time of pandemic. Questions about students experience on course delivery, assignment completion, extracurricular activity, and changes to grading system were presented in the first part of the survey. In the second part, students described their experiences on the various learning modalities implemented by the Department of Education. Lastly, the survey also captured some other experiences outside the learning environment such as those which are relation to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Aside from the presentation of the survey result, DepEd Youth Formation Chief Adolf Aguilar also shared significant insights about the direction and the role of SSG in the implementation of the Basic Education Learning Continuity plan. He emphasized the need to empower and galvanize the potential of Filipino youth in wider school government participation. He added that this pandemic has taught us the importance of the involvement student leaders in crafting policies related to the implementation of education programs.

DepEd Bicol Regional Director Gilbert T. Sadsad, who also participated in the said virtual engagement, extended his gratitude to all the organizers for successfully organizing the virtual assembly of youth leaders in the Region. Recognizing the importance of school governance in the success of education programs and projects, Director Sadsad expressed his commitment of support to the SSG in all its initiatives.

“l really appreciate this undertaking. Just continue this undertaking because you will be the voice of the young people, not only in this time of pandemic, but every day. We need your voice to influence leaders, especially those who are in the education sector, to cope up with the challenges of this pandemic,” he said.

At the end of the program, selected student government shared their service and leadership experiences during the assembly through the Kabataan Report. The Kabataan Report aims to spark ideas, inspire, and motivate students who are aspiring to serve the student body.