August 3, 2021 – Committed to support programs in science education, the Department of Education (DepEd) encourages teachers and learners to participate in the National Research Council of the Philippines’ (NRCP) “Back to Basic” (B2B) online lectures.

Launched this July, the B2B lecture series serves as an avenue to present difficult science theories and concepts in a popular and fun way using videos and infographics for teaching and learning and inspire greater understanding and appreciation of basic science concepts that may lead to further researches.

“We are thankful for the Department of Science and Technology and the NRCP for this initiative that provides accessible lectures that are delivered in the most understandable way for teachers and learners. This is crucial in giving additional resources to help distance learning be as effective as possible,” Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones said.

Undersecretary for Curriculum and Instruction Diosdado San Antonio invited teachers and learners to participate in the incoming lectures, which will run until December this year.

“Back to Basic lectures are delivered in a quick and comprehensible way especially for our learners. These lectures will serve as proof that science, unlike any other subjects, is enjoyable, so we highly encouraged learners to join in this program.”

The first lecture of the B2B entitled “Infection Busters” featured the NRCP Medical Sciences division, where experts discussed infection, antimicrobial resistance, and vaccination.

“NRCP has designed B2B for high school students in such a way that otherwise difficult science concepts or theories are explained or unraveled in the most fun and popular way. It is the intention of B2B to help students better appreciate science and how this is actually a relatable matter, not just a concept to memorize for a preparation for an exam,” NRCP Executive Director Dr. Marieta Banez-Sumagaysay noted.

Other topics to be discussed include modern geometries, non-internet-based modalities for remote learning, black holes, gravitational waves, chemical communications in nature, biomass, bioenergy, and biorefineries, and digital humanities, among others.

Like in a traditional classroom, students and participants need to enroll, attend lectures, and submit assessments after every session. Upon finishing a lecture, participants will be given a certificate. Participation of elementary and high school learners in the B2B online activities is voluntary.

Interested participants may check Research Pod on Facebook for B2B live lectures and schedules. Participants who cannot join the proper lecture could still take the class on the BRITER Commons website.