January 3, 2022 — The Department of Education (DepEd) continues its goal of restoring cultural and historical edifices in the Philippine basic education system as it inaugurated a century-old Gabaldon Building at Piat Central School in Piat, Cagayan.

“While conserving or restoring the Gabaldon Buildings, we restore also the historical and the cultural contributions of these entities. We not only restore them physically, but we need to restore the history,” Undersecretary for Administration Alain Del B. Pascua said.

“Maraming Gabaldon Buildings ang naging camps, seats of government, dito rin nag-aral ang ibang mga congressman, mga senador, at naging pangulo ng bansa. Ito dapat ay maisulat sa kasaysayan ng Gabaldon at sa kasaysayan ng DepEd,” Usec. Pascua added.

He also highlighted the need to maintain these historical buildings after the restoration. He mentioned the proposed additional Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) for schools that house a Gabaldon building. According to him, maintaining these old buildings is more tedious than maintaining new ones.

Pascua urged the schools with Gabaldon buildings to utilize them as classrooms, museums, school offices, and for cultural event activities to showcase the beauty and history of the buildings.

“Hindi simpleng ni-re-restore lang at pinapaganda. Gusto rin natin na ang ating mga kabataan ay rooted din sa history at kasaysayan ng kanyang bayan. At ang testament diyan ay mga Gabaldon,” he shared.

DepEd Region II Director Benjamin D. Paragas, expressed his gratitude for the restoration of the Gabaldon Buildings in Piat and across the region. Currently, there are 52 Gabaldon Schoolhouses sites in Region II and 29 are under major repair.

RD Paragas also zeroed in on the desirable traits and values that the newly restored building symbolizes.

“Let this be a school house where there is peace among our teachers and employees; where there is love for our learners; and where there is desire and passion to continuously deliver quality education,” RD Paragas said. “Let this be an edifice that will remind you that quality is the name of the game.”

The inauguration in Cagayan is part of the conservation and the restoration of Gabaldon Schoolhouses and other heritage buildings project of DepEd to preserve the history of its sites.