January 17, 2022 – The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Field Operations strand, has shared innovative milestones in its literacy, sports, children and employee welfare programs aimed at continuously strengthening the field offices’ overall functions.

“Our offices managed to improve, innovate and develop lead projects and practices, which made it possible for the Department of Education to provide the best possible services before and during the pandemic, and [these are] through the efforts of DepEd’s field offices, the 16 Regional Offices, [and] 216 SDOs,” Undersecretary for Field Operations Atty. Revsee Escobedo noted during the DepEd General Assembly for 2021.

Undersecretary Escobedo emphasized that DepEd would not be able to achieve delivering accessible, relevant, and liberating quality basic education without the various initiatives and collective efforts from the field to promote literacy despite the COVID-pandemic.

With the postponement of Palarong Pambansa due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Palarong Pambansa Secretariat has focused on the different initiatives to pursue sports education, especially the development and operationalization of the Palarong Pambansa Continuity Plan.

On the other hand, the establishment of the National Academy of Sports (NAS) further institutionalizes an educational system to implement quality and enhanced secondary education specializing in a sports-centered curriculum.

Meanwhile, Usec. Escobedo, who also oversees the DepEd Employees Association Coordinating Office (DEACO), underscored priority for employee welfare through the creation of an Online Helpdesk, where Department employees, unions, and cooperatives can seek assistance in resolving various relevant matters in response to the health situation.

“Through DO No. 3, Series of 2021, Child Protection Unit along with the Child Rights Education Desk were created to further strengthen the Department’s policies and commitments towards child protection. We have capacity-building efforts and evaluation studies, skills enhancement of the personnel and training them to be more effective in their respective tasks crucial to the implementation of child protection program and policies,” Escobedo shared.

The Department has provided legislative support for child rights through the introduction of Senate and House Bills, implementation of laws relative to child protection, and policy development on promoting Child Protection in schools.

Escobedo mentioned that partnerships with Stairway Foundation Inc., Facebook Philippines, and Social Watch Philippines, serve as a manifestation of the dedication of both the public and private sectors to assert child rights. He also informed the completion of the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Child Protection in Schools and Other Learning Environments for 2022-2024.