1. As the Department of Education (DepEd) renews its focus on making decisive gains in upgrading education quality, the strengthening of the professional training and development of its 800,000 teachers is urgent and necessary. Towards this end, DepEd is embarking on a major reform initiative, the organizational and program transformation of the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP).
  2. Such transformation is expected, among others, to streamline professional development, make training activities programmatic and accountable, effectively link professional development with career progression, generate efficient use of resources, and ultimately realize NEAP’s mandate of providing the learning and development needs of the increasing number of teachers and school leaders.
  3. Pursuant to the authority, accountability, and responsibility for enhancing the professional competence of all personnel of the Department in accordance with the powers, duties and functions of the Secretary in Republic Act No. 9155, or the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001, the Implementation of the NEAP Transformation provided in the enclosure of this Order, is hereby directed.
  4. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance to this Order is directed.