1. Following the provisions of DO 11, s. 2019 or the Implementation of the NEAP Transformation, NEAP is mandated to take charge of the design, development, and delivery of programs supporting teachers and school leaders. This includes the induction program for all newly hired teachers which encompasses the support mechanisms put in place to assist newly hired teachers in becoming effective and efficient in performing his or her functions as full-fledged DepEd personnel.
  2. Field implementers shall continue to use the existing PPST-based coursebooks and materials in the induction of new teachers. Beginning teachers who have participated in the pilot implementation and have completed all Year 1 activities and course books shall continue with Years 2 and 3 of the program. Please see Enclosure 1 for the summary of activities.
  3. Expenses for the school-based induction activities shall be charged to the school MOOE, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
  4. Relative to this, Regional Offices (RO) shall ensure that Schools Division Offices (SDOs) collate data on the schools and the number of newly hired teachers who will start their induction for SY 2023-2024. Links to the regional trackers, as well as coursebooks and monitoring forms, can be accessed from bit.ly/neapteacherinduction.