Ensures the efficiency to support the organization as a whole to focus on its core business and thus attain its targets through the provision of administrative services.

Administrative Service

  • Formulates a policy framework for the operationalization of the Administrative services in the Department.
  • Develops and implements administrative policies and guidelines on material resource management.
  • Provides the Department with economical, efficient and effective services relating to personnel, information, records, delivery and receipt of correspondence, buildings, school furniture, supplies, equipment, collections, disbursements, security and custodial work.

Offices and divisions:

  1. Office of the Director
  2. Asset Management Division
  3. Cash Division
  4. General Services Division
  5. Records Division

Information and Communication Technology Service

  • Enables process efficiencies and service delivery effectiveness in education governance through the use of ICT.
  • Supports education specialists in developing ICT-enabled solutions that enhance teaching and learning.
  • Delivers quality technical support to clients and empowers them in the use of ICT.

Offices and divisions:

  1. Office of the Director
  2. Solutions Development Division
  3. Technology Infrastructure Division
  4. User Support Division

Procurement Management Service

  • Formulates the framework to guide the operations of the Procurement Management Service.
  • Directs all activities of the Department, whether in the central (including those of its staff bureaus) or regional level, pertaining to procurement planning, purchasing, contract management, and monitoring.

Offices and divisions:

  1. Office of the Director
  2. Procurement Planning and Management Division
  3. Contract Management Division
  4. Bid and Awards Committee Secretariat Division

Education Facilities Division

Central Security and Safety Office (CSSO)

Teachers Camp