Legal Service

  • Develops and manages the strategic framework on the provision of legal services to guide the operations of the Legal Offices for the Department.
  • Provides legal advice to the Department; interprets laws and rules affecting the operation of the Department; prepares contracts and instruments to which the Department is a party, and interprets provisions of contracts covering work performed for the Department by private entities.
  • Assists DepEd management in the promulgation of rules governing the activities of the Department; prepares comments on proposed legislation concerning the Department; answers legal queries from the public.
  • Assists the Solicitor General in suits involving the Department or its officers or employees, or acts as their principal counsel in all actions taken in their official capacity before judicial or administrative bodies, and performs such other functions as may be provided by law.
  • The Department, including bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Legislative Liaison Office

  • Develops and recommends to the Secretary the legislative agenda of the department.
  • Drafts legislation (bills, laws, etc.) for basic education.
  • Prepares comments and position papers on proposed legislation for submission to the Congress.
  • Liaises with the committees on basic education in the Senate and House of Representatives, and the offices of the Senators and Congressmen on their concerns related to basic education.
  • Coordinates with the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) in advocating for the Executive Branch’s Legislative Agenda.