Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service

  • Formulates a framework for DRRM operations in the Department.
  • Acts as focal point for the DepEd in planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring of activities related to DRRM, Education in Emergencies (EiE) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).
  • Develops and recommends policy standards and actions to enhance DepEd’s resilience and management of DRRM/EiE/CCA matters.
  • Initiates and coordinates cooperation and collaborative activities with national government agencies, non-government organizations and civil society groups, inter-agency and cluster groupings (i.e. NDRRMC Technical Working Group, Education Cluster, Protection Group, etc) concerned with DRRM/EiE/CCA.
  • Manages the monitoring and evaluation of program and project implementation including generating information relevant to DRRM/EiE/CCA matters for the purpose of implementation and policy formulation.
  • Creates and operates (in coordination with the field offices) Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) which will serve as the Department’s operating and response facility during disasters.
  • Serves as the clearinghouse for all DRRM/EiE/CCA-related transactions within the department.

Learner Rights & Protection Office

Formerly the Child Protection Unit, it serves as the lead office in planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating programs, projects, and activities, including intervention mechanisms, related to child protection at different governance levels in the Department.

Bureau of Learners Support Service

  • Formulates the national framework for all learner support services and issue policies and standards to guide the programs for the holistic development of learners that complement the curricular offerings. The focus of these developmental programs are on the:
  • Improvement of learner readiness in terms of physical health and proper nourishment.
  • Character formation and preparation of the youth towards leadership roles and civic service.
  • Development of mental discipline, psychomotor skills and social values through after-school sports programs.
  • Provides technical and resource support to program implementers in the field.
  • Offices and divisions:

Office of the Director

  1. School Health Division
  2. School Sports Division
  3. Youth Formation Division

Private Education Office

The PEO shall take the lead in all matters pertaining to private education lodged in the Central Office pursuant to DepEd’s mandate of reasonable supervision and regulation over private educational institutions.

Palarong Pambansa Secretariat