DO 4, s. 1996 – Project “WOW”: Eliminating Wastage in All DECS Offices and Schools


January 12, 1996
DO 4, s. 1996
Project “WOW”: Eliminating Wastage in All DECS Offices and Schools

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Directors of Services/Centers/Head of Units
Schools Superintendents
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. Considerable efforts have already been exerted to minimize wastage of financial and material resources in the central, regional and division offices and in all schools nationwide. However, much has still to be done to address the unnecessary wastage of water, electricity, time and manpower in order to significantly save funds to be ploughed back to program operations.
  2. Effective immediately, this Department shall implement Project “WOW” — War on Waste to create responsible awareness on the use of resources and care for the environment; and to avoid wastage of resources. Its salient features are as follows:
    – Water, electricity and supplies must be consumed wisely.
    – Work, hours must be strictly enforced.
    – No overtime work shall be allowed unless duly certified of its urgency.
    – Training programs shall be conducted consider¬ing educational objectives, needs of clientele, cost, derived benefits and non-disruption of classes.
    – Policies on procurement shall be strictly enforced to maximize funds for such purpose.
    – Preventive maintenance on equipment and vehicles shall be undertaken.
    – Advocacy on waste avoidance and resource regeneration shall be intensified.
  3. The DECS National Task Force is hereby created and composed of the following officials:
    Chair – Undersecretary Alejandro Wilfredo D. Clemente
    Co-Chair & Action Officer – Director Maximo C.Aljibe
    Members – Director Adelfo A. Trinidad
    Director Ma. Lourdes V. Macatangay
    Director Lidinila L. Santos
    Director Magdalena E. Dugenia
    Director Rolando C. Brillantes
    Its main task is to prepare policies and plans for the operationalization of the Project of approval of the Executive Committee.
    A monitoring team composed of selected personnel from the different bureaus centers and units at the Central Office shall be formed to undertake monitoring of project activities in the regions.
    All regional directors, chiefs/heads of offices and school administrators are hereby directed to create their own Task Forces and strictly implement such economic measures. Administrative officers must monitor the electric, water and telephone bills, as well as the volume of supplies consumed per month and should institute measures to reduce consumption by as much as 30% in the initial stage of implementation and a higher percentage of reduction in succeeding months’ record of such payments should be prepared to serve as ready reference during the monitoring.
  4. Reports on this activity shall be submitted to the Administrative Service, DECS. The report for the first six (6) months shall include the actual consumption and the peso value saved; among others. A monthly report is needed for the first six months, and every quarter, thereafter.
  5. Inclosed are the guidelines for operations, some of the cost-cutting measures, and the format of the report on items such as water, electricity and telephone.
  6. Strict compliance with this Order is desired.

As stated
DECS Order: No. 54, s. 1995
Allotment: 1-2-3—(M.O. 1—87)

To be indicated in the Perpetual Index under the following subjects;