January 26, 1999 – DO 8, s. 1999 – List of Approved Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals for SY 1999-2000
January 26, 1999
DO 8, s. 1999
List of Approved Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals for SY 1999-2000
To:   Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries
Bureau/Center/Regional Directors
School Superintendents
1.   All Others ConcernedDECS is pleased to announce the inclosed List of Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals Approved for Use in Public Schools for SY1999-2000 (Annex 1). The list includes the title, publisher, price ceiling, and purchase code of each textbook and teacher’s manual duly approved by the DECS Instructional Materials Council (IMC) for use in public elementary and secondary schools. Only materials found in the attached list may be purchased as textbooks and teacher’s manuals by DECS Offices.
2.   The ceiling prices indicated herein are for government- funded direct purchases of the materials which must adhere to DECS technical specifications (Annex 2). The ceiling prices are inclusive of delivery costs to district offices, in the case of elementary schools, and delivery costs to high schools for purchases made by the DECS Central, Regional and/or Division Offices. DECS Offices may negotiate for discounts from suppliers particularly when large volumes of purchases are involved in order to secure the best terms for the government.

3.   A CY1999 DECS Catalogue of Approved Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals containing a brief description of each set of approved material found in the attached list shall be issued and distributed to the various DECS Offices and others concerned. The Catalogue is intended to complement this DECS Order and assist school officials in determining which materials to order. The CY1999 Catalogue shall include new materials approved under the Second Textbook Call and those under the First Textbook Call as contained in the CY1998 DECS Catalogue.

4.   The procurement of textbooks and teacher’s manuals thru public bidding by either DECS Central or Regional Offices using lump sum appropriations for this purpose shall be undertaken starting CY1999. This shall be without prejudice to direct purchases of materials included herein which will be allowed subject to certain conditions. Direct purchases of materials shall be allowed when funds other than the lump sum appropriation for instructional materials (i.e., released to DECS Central and/or Regional Offices) are used (e.g., LGU/SEF funds, savings from MOOE). Direct purchases may also be allowed using amounts from the lump sum appropriation mentioned above (e.g., balance after bidding) subject to the approval of the DECS Secretary.
5.   Any purchase of textbooks and teacher’s manuals shall be based on specific requests from the school principals/ administrators and/or an updated inventory of available materials in the schools duly certified by the appropriate DECS official(s). The titles and quantities of materials purchased should also be consistent with educational priorities and standards. All concerned are enjoined to exercise judicious care in the procurement of these materials in order to maximize benefits for the schoolchildren.
6.   For the information and guidance of all concerned.



As stated Reference:
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