March 22, 1999 – DO 30, s. 1999 – Revised Rules on the Exemption of Girl Scouts from Citizens Army Training (CAT)
March 22, 1999
DO 30, s. 1999
Revised Rules on the Exemption of Girl Scouts from Citizens Army Training (CAT)
To:   Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Heads of Private and Public Secondary Schools

1.   In order to further strengthen the Department’s co- curricular program towards the total and gender fair development of girls and young women, exemption from the Citizens Army Training (CAT) is hereby granted to qualified girl scouts.

2.   The office, in coordination with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, hereby releases the following revised rules on the exemption of Girl Scouts from Citizens Army Training (CAT) for the information and guidance of all concerned:

  1.    Girl Scouts who have complied with the GSP Membership Requirements and who have completed work on at least two (2) badges in each of the 8- Point Challenge (a total of 16 badges) by the end of their third year high school may be exempted from Citizens Army Training.
  2.    Exemption from CAT may be granted upon recommendation of the Girls Scouts of the Philippines’ Regional Executive Director and upon approval of the DECS Regional Director concerned.
  3.    The attached form on the GSP Certification for CAT Exemption shall be accomplished by the Girl Scout Troop Leader and signed by the concerned Regional Executive Directors of GSP and DECS.
  4.    Girl Scout leaders and school authorities shall monitor and ensure that Girl Scouts granted exemption from CAT undertake the following program:
d.1       50 hours in Service Aide Projects (such as Camp Aide, Hospital Aide, Aquatic Safety Aide, etc); and
d. 2.     Active membership in a GSP SAVER Team and at least two (2) relief services rendered. In lieu of relief service, Girl Scouts may participate in GSP CHERISH projects and community service projects such as the year- long Chief Girl Scout Medal Scheme.
3.   In order to simplify the process of verifying and certifying the exemption papers, Regional Offices of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines are hereby authorized to facilitate the same in close coordination with the DECS Regional Offices concerned.
4.   Any provisions of the following Department Orders not inconsistent with this Order shall remain effective:

DEC Order No. 30, s. 1974   –   Exemption to Boy Scouts

MEC Order No. 49, s. 1979   –   Revised Rules on the Exemption of Scouts
from CAT and basic Physical Education Requirements
MECS Order No. 17, s. 1985   –   Citizens Army Training Guidelines

MECS Order No. 35, s. 1986   –   Exemption to Senior Girl Scouts

DECS Order No. 106, s. 1998   –   Revised Rules re Scouts Exemptions

5.   Immediate dissemination of this DECS Order is desired.

Incl.:As stated
Reference: DECS Order: (No. 106, s. 1998)
Allotment: 1—(D.O. 50- 97)
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under the following subjects: