March 31, 2010 DO 30, s. 2010 – Guidelines on the Unified Dissemination of DepEd Issuances

March 31, 2010
DO 30, s. 2010
Guidelines on the Unified Dissemination of DepEd Issuances
  1. During the 20th Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting held at the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), Region XI in Davao City on February 23, 2010, it was agreed upon by the members to unify and hasten the publication of the DepEd Orders and Memoranda.
  2. In view of this, the following revised guidelines are hereby issued:
  1. The on-line dissemination of regulations/issuances will start in April 2010;
  2. All Department Orders, Memoranda and other issuances from the Central Office shall be uploaded/posted by the Materials Production and Publication Division-Technical Service (MPPD-TS) in the DepEd website at There is no need for the region, division and district offices to redraft said issuances;
  3. However, the regional and division offices may redraft issuances that need immediate action like urgent submission of data/reports from other field offices for consolidation. The Consolidated Report from the division and regional offices shall be submitted to the office concerned before the given deadline;
  4. For the purpose of transmission from the immediate higher office, an acknowledgment section bearing the names and signatures of respective regional, division and district officials will be included on the last page or at the lower part of the issuance before the enclosure/s;
  5. The officials concerned shall affix their signatures to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the issuance, and its subsequent transmission to the next subordinate office;
  6. Only Unnumbered Memoranda relevant for public consumption will be uploaded;
  7. The regional and division offices shall reproduce issuances which they have downloaded, and disseminate the same to the district and school offices; and
  8. The regional and division offices are likewise required to check/visit regularly the DepEd website for official updates.
  1. This Order rescinds DECS Order No. 50, s. 1997.
  2. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.
Mona D. Valisno