My warmest greetings to the organizers, partners, and most especially to the participants of the Palarong Pambansa 2019!

Allow me to impart my sincerest appreciation to the Local Government Unit of Davao City for hosting and enabling us to gather and culminate under one mission of “Shaping the Future through Sports.”

Palarong Pambansa has continually shown us that sports do not only hone our young athletes’ skills, but also develop in them the values of a true champion-discipline, sportsmanship, and passion.

Through Palarong Pambansa, we unite as one nation, express national pride, and give all the regions of the country the opportunity to represent themselves through our student-athletes.

I encourage everyone to take this as a chance to learn from each other and empower one another in the spirit of unity, nationalism, camaraderie, and solidarity. To the student-athletes, I hope that you will continue to showcase your passion in your sports while maintaining an open mind to learn from others. To the coaches and parents, we hope that you will continue to help and support them to be the best in what they do.

I would like to thank all of you for your undying dedication, and for your unwavering support for this Palarong Pambansa. Have faith that in its best capacity. DepEd will continue to inculcate the balanced development of our Filipino student-athletes. Together, may we all continue to carry out their dreams and pave the way for a better future of the nation, through them and with them.

I am looking forward to the success of the Palarong Pambansa 2019!



OIC-Undersecretary. Department of Education
Palarong Pambansa Secretary-General