PASIG CITY, March 9, 2020 – This evening, after the briefing on the public health risk assessment by DOH and the subsequent deliberation by IATF members, with inputs from Secretary Briones of the Department of Education, the IATF recommended to the President, and the President approved, the suspension of classes at all levels, both public and private, in the National Capital Region from Tuesday, March 10, to Saturday, March 14.

The Department of Education will implement this decision for basic education.

However, Secretary Briones emphasized at the IATF meeting that this measure will only be effective if students, parents, and the local governments will do their part in ensuring that students stay home and avoid places like malls, movie houses, markets, and similar crowded places.

DepEd officials in the field, at the regions, divisions, and schools, are directed to facilitate the communication of teachers with the students and their parents, to provide the necessary assignments to continue the process of learning of the required competencies.

Further guidelines and directives for the orderly and effective implementation of this decision shall be issued as needed.

The situation shall be constantly monitored and evaluated, and the Department of Education shall continue to take informed, coordinated and proportionate decisions, in close consultation with DOH and other members of the IATF, to contribute to meeting the challenge of containing and managing COVID-19.