July 29, 2020 – LESF was the main enrollment tool used for the remote and dropbox enrolment for SY 2020-2021. The tool is an expanded version of the regular enrolment form which captures not only the basic profile of learners but also relevant survey questions for parents designed to profile the household in terms of their readiness for distance education.

LESF captures the following vital information that will provide DepEd with evidence in making the implementation of Learning Continuity Plan grounded on data: i) employment status of parents or guardians, ii) manner of going to school of learner, iii) number of learners in every household, iv) presence of household members that can provide instructional support in distance learning, v) availability of gadgets and devices, vi) access to internet, vii) preferred learning modality, viii) challenges that may affect learning in distance mode and ix) number of private school learners who enrolled in public schools.

These data and information were used by every Region, School Division and school in designing their respective learning continuity plan particularly in making decision on what learning modalities will be implemented. These data were also used in determining the budget requirements for the LCP particularly on the requirements for learning resources.

As to the parents preferred learning modality for their children, LESF data show that 8.8 M parents preferred modular, 3.9M blended, 3.8M Online, 1.4 M Educational TV, 900K Radio based instruction and around half a million preferred other modalities. Meanwhile, LESF also revealed that 395,743 learners from private school and SUCs/LUCs have transferred to public schools.

We are grateful to all parents who participated in the survey and expressed support to DepEd’s Learning Continuity Plan. Let us allow our learners to continue learning while we protect their health and well-being.