November 9, 2020 – Our public school teachers are our modern-day heroes and we would like to thank the Senate of the Philippines for being one with us in continuously supporting their welfare. Our Senators on Monday approved on third and final reading the institutionalization of the staggered increase of teaching supplies allowance in the next four years.

Under Senate Bill 1092, the staggered increase in the teaching supplies allowance are as follows:

  • Y. 2021-2022 – Php 5,000
  • Y. 2022-2023 – Php 5,000
  • Y. 2023-2024 – Php 7,500
  • Y. 2024-2025 – Php 10,000

We believe that this bill, if enacted to law, is a timely financial boost to our brave and resourceful teachers who courageously accepted the challenge of delivering education in these difficult times. We welcome this development, and the Senate’s suggested staggered approach will help us balance this with our fiscal programming considerations.

DepEd looks forward to more collaboration with our lawmakers in pushing necessary interventions to support our teachers and learners, and improve our overall basic education system for the benefit of the future generation.