Shall oversee, set standards, and monitor the implementation of the Department’s Rights-Based Education Framework in basic education
Shall ensure the implementation of the Department’s zero tolerance against all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, and bullying through:
  1. Formulation and review of policies on learner rights and protection;
  2. Establishment of partnerships with National Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, and Civil Society Organizations;
  3. Development of child rights and protection content for Information, Education, and Communication materials;
  4. Preparation of reports on preventive interventions against violence, abuse, bullying, and exploitation in schools and other learning environments;
  5. Maintenance of database to monitor and analyze child protection cases, ensure functionality of Learner Rights and Protection Committees (LRPCs) in schools;
  6. Conduct researches on Learner Rights and Protection;
  7. Maintenance and improvement of referral pathways to link LRPCs to other child rights and protection systems; and
  8. Establishment of a national hotline to receive child protection complaints from learners through landline, e-mail, and other social media platforms.