Office/Division Head of Office Designation
Office of the Regional Director Allan G. Farnazo Regional Director
Office of the Assistant Regional Director Atty. Shirley O. Chatto OIC-Assistant Regional Director
Administrative Division Gonzala D. Aguirre OIC-Chief Administrative Office
Curriculum & Learning Management Division Shambaeh A. Usman, Ph.D. Chief Education Supervisor
Education Support Services Division Noe D. Simene, Ph.D. Chief Education Supervisor
Finance Division Mary Ann D. Neri Chief Administrative Officer
Field & Technical Assistance Division Edith L. Ortega, Ph.D. Chief Education Supervisor
Human Resource Development Division Raymund S. Antolo, Ph.D. Chief Education Supervisor
Policy, Planning and Research Division Allan L. Mansaladez Chief Education Supervisor
Quality Assurance Division Rogelio C. Evangelista Chief Education Supervisor
Divisions Functions
1. Curriculum Learning Management Division
  1. Review and enhance the basic education, special and indigenized curricula and Alternative Learning System
  2. Establish and formulate structures and mechanisms in implementing policies, guidelines, standards and specifications.
  3. Make available IMs/ SIMs.
  4. Develop and validate monitoring/assessment tools/instruments.
  5. Monitor & assess the divisions’ implementation of basic education, special an indigenized curricula and compliance to policies, guidelines and standards set.
2. Quality Assurance Division
  1. Organize the Regional Quality Assurance and Accountability Team.
  2. Prepare an integrated Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  3. Develop Monitoring and Evaluation tools and methodology.
  4. Install Data Collection, Processing, Analysis, Interpretation and Information Reporting and Storage Systems.
  5. Integrate all QA and M&E and Adjustment efforts to feed into the system
  6. Provide technical assistance to the RO Units and Teams and DO on the conduct of monitoring and evaluation
  7. Monitor private schools’ compliance to standards set.
  8. Conduct accreditation of public, vocational/technical, private schools and ALS.
3. Human Resource Development Division
  1. Operationalize the training and development system and standards of the region.
  2. Identify training needs based on TNA results.
  3. Develop Master Training Plan for RO personnel and Division Education Supervisors I.
  4. Design training programs.
  5. Monitor & evaluate effectiveness of the training conducted.
  6. Update the Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
4.Educational Services & Support Division
  1. Establish structures and mechanism to implement policies and to comply with standards.
  2. Provide technical assistance in the implementation of Special Programs/Events and Services.
  3. Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities
5.Administrative Division
  1. Conduct recruitment, selection and appointment of personnel based on standards.
  2. Facilitate employees welfare and benefit programs.
  3. Maintain and provide updated data on personnel records.
  4. Establish and maintain records management.
  5. Ensure the security and safety of personnel, properties and equipment.
  6. Provide adequate and quality office equipment , facilities and materials.
  7. Maintain and recur accountable possessions and collections, and prepare reports on deposit.
  8. Maintain and oversee the general cleanliness , orderliness and sanitation of the RO.
6. Policy Planning Research Division
  1. Lead in formulating the Regional Education Development Plan (REDP).
  2. Conduct rapid appraisal of DEDPs and recommend to the Regional Planning Team for review.
  3. Formulate policy recommendation and education standards for the region based on MIS and research.
  4. Organize Regional Planning Team.
  5. Lead in identifying research agenda, conducting research and ensuring the use of research results as basis for improving learning outcomes.
  6. Install Data Collection and Storage System for planning and policy direction.
  7. Lead in evaluating and processing the application of private schools applying for permit and recognition.
  8. Establish linkages and networking with internal & external stakeholders.
7. Field and Technical Division
  1. Organize Regional Team for Technical Assistance (RTTA).
  2. Prepare Regional Technical Assistance Plan (RTAP) based on an assessment of the Division’s situation.
  3. Coordinate with the core and support functions regarding RO and DO concerns.
  4. Strategize with the RO and DO the course of action to respond to the needs identified.
8. Finance Division
  1. Operationalize the Budget and Finance Division based on standards.
  2. Establishment of internal management control for the effective implementation of programs, projects and activities on the proper utilization of funds in adherence to the accounting and budgeting rules and regulations.
  3. Monitor and maintains financial and budgetary data of the region, divisions and implementing units as basis for evaluation, review and recommendation for action, decision and approval of the authorities concerned.
  4. Prepare monthly payrolls and paychecks, remittances of teachers and personnel of the different schools division offices and other secondary schools.
  5. Provides technical assistance to the divisions, operating units in their budget preparation, budget execution and budget accountability reports.
  6. Prepares and submits budget estimates and consolidated budget of the region, divisions and operating units as well as the required periodic consolidated accountability and financial reports.
  7. Prepares, submits and recommends the approval of supplemental budget of the region, divisions and implementing units (secondary schools).