About Us
Youth Formation Division

The Youth Formation Division (YFD) aims to develop the country’s youth for societal growth. It provides youth-serving units and organizations with responsive, learner-centered, youth-oriented policies, standards, guidelines, programs, and projects which shall contribute to the holistic development of learners. This includes engaging in partnerships with local, national, and international youth-oriented organizations to gain more development opportunities for the learners. Furthermore, part of its mandate is to apply psycho-social development approaches and strategies for the holistic development of the youth and children. YFD also strives to foster a holistic approach to youth development by providing opportunities for engagement in key areas of advocacy.

Through the years, YFD led the following major initiatives that upheld the right of children to be heard and participate in making decisions in the education process and help our youth formators and teacher-advisers guide our learners to unleash their full potential. To strengthen the implementation of these PPAs, YFD is now on the verge of finalizing its own learner formation framework.

YFD Purpose

​The YFD endeavors to provide youth-serving units and organizations with responsive, learner-centered, youth-oriented policies, standards, guidelines, programs, and projects which shall contribute to the holistic development of learners who are value-driven, career-oriented, culturally-rooted and socially responsible.

YFD Goal

​The YFD strives to empower Filipino children and youth imbued with the values,  maka-Diyos, maka-Tao, maka-Kalikasan, and maka-Bansa, enabling them to become highly-skilled individuals who are responsible, hardworking, enterprising, persevering, value-driven, and culturally-rooted.