November 23, 2020 –  The Department of Education, as an institution mandated to deliver quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education, values and promotes our nation’s arts and culture.

In this line, we are grateful that Ms. Lea Salonga acknowledged our sincere explanation, and apologized for her initial reaction regarding a Self-Learning Module (SLM) erratum that tackled a cultural topic.

The Department and Ms. Salonga are one in giving good education for our Filipino learners and in reminding the public to be wary of misinformation on module contents.

We would also like to reiterate that previously posted modules containing “O an ostrich” and “L for Rabbit” were not produced by DepEd.

We hope that these incidents will remind us to always confirm module errors with concerned DepEd field offices. We assure you that the Department will take the necessary measures to revise the errors found in our learning materials.

Our DepEd Error Watch handles error reports found in SLMs, other printed materials, DepEd TV, DepEd Commons, and DepEd TV YouTube Channel.

Concerns may be reported through; or email; via text and Viber message through 0961-6805334; through Facebook Messenger: DepEd Error Watch (@depederrorwatch); and through Workchat DepEd Error Watch (