DO 1, s. 1985 – Additional Master Teacher Positions

January 2, 1985
DO 1, s. 1985
Additional Master Teacher Positions

To: Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. The total number of Master Teachers has been increased conformably to a provision of Letter of Implementation No. 1406, from 15,000 to a total of 30,000 positions. The number includes both Master Teacher I and Master Teacher II positions.
  2. It may be recalled that, in accordance with National Compensation Circular No. 24, dated May 23, 1983, one half of the MT-I positions or 7,500 were authorized for filling. All in all, if all slots had been filled, the total number of Master Teacher positions would have been 22,500, broken down as follows:
    Master Teacher I – 15,000
    Master Teacher II – 7,500
  3. The additional Master Teacher positions shall be allotted for both MT-I and MT-II positions so that the total of MT-I positions shall be 20,000 and MT-II positions, 10,000. This means that additional 5,000 MT-I positions and 2,500 MT-II positions are available for filling effective January 1, 1985, by reclassification.
  4. The distribution of these new additional positions shall be by districts on the basis of the number of teachers per district. The total number of MT-I positions in each district now shall be .066 per cent of the number of teachers in the district and the number of MT-II positions, half the number of MT-I teachers or .033 per cent of the total number of teachers in the district.
  5. To determine roughly the number of additional MT-I and MT-II positions for each district, officials concerned may get one third of the number of old or existing MT-I positions, as well as one third of the existing MT-II positions. The additional or new positions plus the old or existing ones should comprise .10 per cent of the total number of teachers.
    To illustrate:
    District A with 120 teachers
    Existing number
    No. of MT-I positions (.05% of teachers)………..6
    No. of MT-II positions……………………………………..3
    Additional Positions
    Authorized per LOI 1406
    MT-I positions………..2
    MT-II positions………..1
    Total MT positions for District A after implementation of this Order:
    This total number represents .10% of the number of teachers in the district.
  6. In cases where the percentage results is not an exact number, the number should be rounded off by counting as one any fraction representing .5 or higher and discarding any fraction less than .5.
  7. Reminder is hereby given that the number of positions allotted for every district should remain in the district. Under no conditions should such allotted items be transferred to another district. If there are not enough qualified teachers in the district, the slot shall remain unfilled until such time that a teacher from that district shall qualify, unless qualified teachers from elsewhere would be willing to transfer and serve in the district where the vacant slot is. Reminder is also given that reclassification of positions to MT-I does not mean vacancies in the teaching position.
  8. Some reports on irregularities in the appointments of Master Teachers in the post have reached this Office. Superintendents and officials concerned are directed to exercise more care and fairness in the selection of master teachers. They are enjoined to strictly observe the guidelines for selection of Master Teachers given in MEC Order No. 10, s. 1979, particularly the portion which specifies that Master Teachers should have teaching loads of at least two subject periods.

References: MEC Orders Nos. 10 & 29, s. 1979
MECS Order NO. 62, s. 1983
Allotment: 1-2—(D.O. 1-76)

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