DO 54, s. 1985 – Creating a Committee for MECS Conventions and Conferences

September 3, 1985
DO 54, s. 1985
Creating a Committee for MECS Conventions and Conferences

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Chief of Service and Heads of Units
Schools Superintendents
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. In view of the need to rationalize and develop an integrated approach towards the attainment of an effective and efficient staff development program in this Ministry, a committee on conventions and conferences is hereby created, to be composed of the following:
    Chairman – Deputy Minister Hortensia S. Benoza
    Members – Asst. Secretary Felix P. Santos
    Director Minda C. Sutaria
    Director Antonio G. Dumlao
    Director Aparicio H. Mequi
    Director Ponciano B.P. Pineda
    Acting Director Esperanza Gonzalez
    Director Remigio P. Romulo
    Director Serafin Quiason
    Director Alfredo E. Evangelista
  2. Subject to the authority of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, the Committee for MECS Conventions and Conferences shall exercise the following functions:
    1. To coordinate the preparation of a yearly schedule of national conferences, seminars and conventions to avoid duplication/overlapping of similar activities.
    2. To keep a record and/or see to it that division and regional offices include in their report to the Regional Director similar activities at the division and regional levels.
    3. To formulate, for approval of the Minister, guidelines on the conduct, financing, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of conventions and conferences.
    4. To recommend to the Minister approval of proposals for conferences and convention dates, themes and programs of activities for educational personnel initiated by OMECS, regional offices, state colleges and universities, and professional organizations, and to propose measures for improvement thereof.
    5. To prepare guidelines relevant to generation of resources for the conduct of conventions and conferences and expenditures thereof, to ensure optimum utilization of funds and for economy.
    6. To perform such other functions as may be directed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports that are necessary and proper for the attainment of this Order.
  3. The Chairman is requested to meet with the members of the group in order to identify and prepare guidelines concerning the holding of conventions and conferences and other related activities.
  4. This Order shall take effect immediately.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1-2-3—(D.O. 1-76)

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