DO 17, s. 1986 – Amendment to MECS Order No. 38, s. 1982 (Standards for Technician Education)

April 24, 1986
DO 17, s. 1986
Amendment to MECS Order No. 38, s. 1982 (Standards for Technician Education)

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Vocational School Superintendents/Administrators

  1. In pursuance of the recommendations of both project and local consultants and of technician education experts in a series of national and multi-sectoral consultations and in conformity with the findings of the evaluative study on the implementation of the two-year Diploma in Industrial Technician (DIT) conducted pursuant to the loan agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the Asian Development Bank under which the said DIT program is being implemented, MECS Order No. 38, s. 1982, on Diploma in Industrial Technician, is hereby amended in order to make the technician education program more relevant to the manpower needs of the country and to promote recognition of technicians as well as to enhance their status and conditions of service in line with acceptable standards.
  2. The amendments consist of: (1) lengthening the curricular program from two to three years and enriching the course contents by the inclusion of new topics, (2) changing the sequencing of some subjects, (3) providing longer time allocation for supervised industrial training and (4) adding technical measurements and computer technology subjects.
  3. The new three-year technician course leading to the Diploma of Technology shall be implemented starting School Year 1986-87 in the 21 Project Institutions under the Technical and Vocational Education Project. Other schools may be given the permit to implement the said technician curriculum, subject to the accreditation of their program and approval by the Ministry.
  4. The complete text of the amendments comprising the revised curriculum for technician education is inclosed.
  5. This Order supersedes MECS Order No. 38, s. 1982, as regards the Diploma in Industrial Technician (DIT) curriculum.
  6. Immediate dissemination of this Order to all concerned is hereby enjoined.