DO 25, s. 1986 – Upgrading Standard and Quality of Education in Barangay High Schools

July 7, 1986
DO 25, s. 1986
Upgrading Standard and Quality of Education in Barangay High Schools

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Superintendents

  1. Policy
    R.A. 6054 (The Barrio High School Charter) declared it a policy of Government to make high school education accessible to all children of Filipino citizens on a self-help basis. The implementing rules of the same act make the barangay high school a joint responsibility of the community and the authorities concerned to ensure that educational standards are met in these schools.
  2. Objectives
    Because the results of the NCEE and the BSE achievement tests have consistently shown that student performance in these schools is lowest compared to that of the students in the other types of high schools, and in keeping with the present thrusts of the MECS on quality education, the barangay high schools will be upgraded to be able to:

    1. promote equity not only in access but in the quality of secondary education in the county;
    2. increase their capability to deliver the same quality of education as the other types of high schools in the country;
    3. produce graduates who will be comparable in general achievement to the graduates of other high schools as measured by the NCEE and the BSE achievement tests;
    4. further assist the students in financing their education through income-generating projects; and
    5. make the barangay high schools participate significantly in the socio-economic progress of their respective communities.
  3. Strategies
    1. The regional office shall, within the school year 1986-87, make a survey of barangay high schools in the region and enforce compliance with the provisions of R.A. 6054 and existing rules and regulations, and the following additional guidelines for its implementation:
      (1) Collection of an amount of tuition fees that will ensure the normal operation of the barangay high school, (Rule IV, Sec. 1, Circular No. 12, s. 1970) such amount to be not less than P100 (Paragraph 3, MEC Order No. 21, s. 1979) and may be higher than the amount charged by the mother school.
      (4) Facilities and equipment including those for the library, laboratory and shops are to be brought up to minimum standard requirements for proper program implementation.
      (5) The construction of a building on a school-owned site must be completed within a 5-year period from the time of opening.
    2. Quarterly evaluation of student achievement should be done and results should be used as basis to improve on students’ weaknesses.
    3. A report of all activities undertaken including action taken on sub-standard barangay high schools shall be submitted to the Minister’s office, copy furnished the Bureau of Secondary Education, before the end of the first and the last quarter of school year 1986-87 and every school year thereafter.
  4. Compliance with all the aforementioned requirements is urgently needed.


Reference: BSP Circular: (No. 12, s. 1970)
MEC Order: (No. 21, s. 1979)
Allotment: 1-2–(D.O. 1-76)

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