DO 40, s. 1986 – Guidelines on Computer Training Centers

August 25, 1986
DO 40, s. 1986
Guidelines on Computer Training Centers

To: Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Presidents, State Colleges and Universities
Heads of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities
Heads of Computer Training Centers

  1. In order to clarify certain issues regarding computer training centers, the following guidelines on their operation are hereby issued. There shall be three (3) categories of computer education institutions, namely:
    1.1 Category A
    It is a formal institution offering degree programs in computer and/or short-term EDP courses, which issues diplomas or certificates and gives academic credits in accordance with pertinent MECS policies and standards. It is subject to the provisions of Section 25, Chapter 3, Part III of Batas Pambansa Blg. 232, that is, if it was established after September 1983, it must incorporate as non-stock educational corporation.
    1.2 Category B
    It is a computer training center offering short-term EDP courses and for which issues certificates. Ordinarily it does not give credits but in special cases an educational institution which does not have computer facilities may enter into an agreement with it to train students of said educational institution and for which credits may be given. Such agreement shall be subject to approval by MECS Regional Office concerned. The computer training institution under this Category 3, by virtue of its special characteristics, is not subject to the requirement of Section 25, BP 232 to incorporate as non-stock educational corporation but is required to observe MECS policies and standards, with certain modifications such as in report requirements. This means, that it must seek a permit from the MECS before it can operate courses.
    1.3 Category C
    It is a training center put up by computer hardware dealers for the purpose of training their buyers on the use of the machines for which no credits are given. It may however have the option to issue certificates for said training. A computer center belonging to this category is not subject to MECS rules and regulations not to Section 25 of BP Blg. 232. Once it conducts classroom and/or tutorial courses, for which tuition fees are collected, it is categorized under Category B and therefore must secure permit from the MECS.
  2. All existing Computer Training Centers which do not have MECS authority to operate courses are hereby required to file applications for permit and recognition with their respective MECS Regional Offices. They are given until October 31, 1986 within which to secure said permit. After this date, the Ministry shall prosecute all computer training centers operating without the necessary authority.
  3. This Order rescinds MECS Memorandum No. 137, s. 1985 entitled Moratorium on the Closure of Computer Training Centers effective immediately.
  4. Compliance with this Order by all concerned is required.

Reference: MECS Memorandum No. 137, s. 1985
Allotment: 1-3-4—(M.O. 1-87)

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