DO 6, s. 1987 – Completion and Disposition of All Unfinished Work at the Teacher Credential Evaluation Unit

January 19, 1987
DO 6, s. 1987
Completion and Disposition of All Unfinished Work at the Teacher Credential Evaluation Unit

To: Deputy Ministers
Assistant Secretaries
Regional Directors

  1. The functions of the Teacher Credentials Evaluation Unit which was attached to the Personnel Division, MECS Central Office, has been delegated to the regional offices per MECS Order No. 48, s. 1986. In order to wind up with the remaining work in the Central Office, the Unit should process all ERFs received and to complete them on or before April 30, 1987. Henceforth, all ERFs should be processed by the regional offices.
  2. The MECS Central Office will retain three senior staff members including:
    1. Mrs. Aurelia G. Purisima
      Supervising Teacher Credentials Evaluator
    2. Mrs. Aleli L. Andres
      Teacher Credentials Evaluator II
    3. Mrs. Carolina B. Claveria
      Teacher Credentials Evaluator I

    To form the Teacher Credentials and Positions Classification Review Unit as a special unit which will be attached to the Financial and Management Service. The functions of the Unit will be as follows:

    1. Assist the Office of the Minister in the review and post audit of all controversies on the approval of ERFs and decide appeal cases on ERFs from the Regional Offices;
    2. Assist the Office of the Minister in the formulation of policies relative to OCPC Position Classification and salary ranges;
    3. Review communication on the recognition/evaluation for change of educational qualification and study load violations of teachers;
    4. Assist in the preparation of proposed budget for OBM regarding salary adjustments for teachers based on their duty post-audited ERFs;
    5. Check and post-audits submitted plantilla Reallocation List for 13 regional offices on matters regarding teacher position classification, salary ranges and accreditation of education courses.
  3. All other personnel of the defunct Teacher Credentials Evaluation Unit are transferred effective May 1, 1987 to the MECS National Capital Region and MECS Region IV, to perform the same functions in those offices. However, steps should be taken to upgrade all Teacher Credentials Evaluators II to qualify them to hold the leadership in the regional units commensurate with their expertise and experience in teacher credentials evaluation.
  4. This Order takes effect immediately.


Reference: MECS Order: (No. 48, s. 1986)
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)

To be indicated in the Perpetual Index under the following subjects: