DO 23, s. 1987 – Creating an Ad Hoc Committee on and Prescribing Guidelines for the Implementation of the Reorganization of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports

March 12, 1987
DO 23, s. 1987
Creating an Ad Hoc Committee on and Prescribing Guidelines for the Implementation of the Reorganization of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Regional Directors
Cultural Agency Directors
Chiefs of Service and Heads of Units/Centers

  1. In connection with the reorganization of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, by virtue of Executive Order No. 117 dated January 30, 1987, an ad-hoc committee is hereby created to be called the Executive Committee, and guidelines are hereby prescribed for information/compliance of all concerned.
  2. The Committee which shall be responsible for the implementing details of the reorganization of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports shall consist of the following:
    Undersecretary Victor Ordonez – Chairman
    Undersecretary Tomas Santos – Legal Adviser
    Asst. Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas – Vice Chairman
    Dr. Orlando Claveria – Coordinator
    Asst. Secretary Jesus Manipula – Member
    Asst. Secretary Felix Santos – Member
    Asst. Secretary Diosdado Tuason – Member
    Asst. Dir. Ma. Lourdes Macatangay – Member
    Mr. Alfredo Flores – Consultant
    Technical Assistance
    Mr. Leovigildo Arellano (DECS)
    Ms. Teresita Baterina (Dept. of Budget and Mgmt.)
    Ms. Milagros Panti (Dept. of Budget and Mgmt.)
    Ms. Nellie Dawinan (Dept. of Budget and Mgmt.)
    Ms. Lydia Reyes (Dept. of Budget and Mgmt.)
    Support Staff
    Mr. George Garma (DECS)
    Ms. Reynalda Cecilia (DECS)
    Mr. Selwyn Briones (DECS) Word Processor
    Mr. Deogracias Genito, Jr. (DECS) Word Processor
    Mr. Rufino Dionisio (DECS) Word Processor
    Ms. Dionne Castilo (DECS)
    Mr. Roel Mata (Private)
    Mr. Ferdinand Mariano (DECS) Messenger
    Mr. Rodrigo Ferrer (DECS) Driver
  3. Required Submission
    All heads of bureaus, services, regional offices, attached agencies, centers and units are hereby directed to prepare and submit the following to the ad hoc committee not later than March 17, 1987:

    1. Present and proposed organizational structure, statements of functions and staffing pattern (down to division level only) for their respective offices in accordance with the provisions of Executive Order No. 117 and the guidelines herein prescribed.
    2. Comparative descriptions of present and proposed organizational structure and staffing pattern and justification for proposed changes shall likewise be submitted for Item 1.
  4. Guidelines
    As a general rule, the following guidelines shall be considered:

    1. On Organization and Functions
      The proposed organizational structure and functional statements should primarily consider the objectives and functions of their respective offices and the overall mission of the Department. In particular, the proposals for determining the divisions/units should meet the standards of economy, effectiveness and efficiency.
    2. Administrative Divisions shall be allowed only for attached agencies.
    3. No overlapping of functions within the department, bureaus and equivalent units shall be allowed.
  5. On Staffing
    1. Positions of similar responsibilities should have standard position titles and salary scales.
    2. The types, number and hierarchical patterns of positions should be based on the mandated functions of their respective units as well as their present and projected workloads, without any provision for casual employees.
    3. Confidential positions should be indicated as such.
    4. As much as possible, only existing position titles as prescribed by the DBM should be adopted.
    5. The proposal should be within the limits of appropriations for personal services allocated for the office/unit.
    6. The Financial and Management Service shall provide all units their respective indicative ceilings for personal services for CY 1987 (see Inclosure 1 to this Order).
  6. Timetable
    In view of the time constraints, all concerned are enjoined to closely observe the following timetable:
    March 13 – Issuance of Guidelines
    March 16 – Clearance by different units of their proposals with their Undersecretaries
    March 17 – Submission of proposals by the agencies, units, divisions, regional offices to the ad hoc committee
    March 24 – Committee proposals on proposed organization and functions. (Furnish the office concerned of appropriate committee proposal)
    March 30- April 3 – Agency hearings on proposals on structures, functions and starring patterns. (See Inclosure 2)
    April 6-10 – Integration of proposals/structures/functions (First draft)
    April 13-30 – Meet with bureaus/offices and work out staffing patterns
    May 8 – First draft of implementing details (For presentation to the Secretary of Education)
    May 9 -15 – Final draft preparation per decision of the Secretary.
    May 29 – Issuance of DECS Order on Implementing Details
  7. The Committee may issue such additional guidelines as it may deem necessary for the effective implementation of the reorganization plan.
  8. For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Orlando B. Claveria, Tel. Nos. 47-92-11 or 48-22-11 loc. 285 and 230.
  9. This DECS Order takes effect immediately.

Reference: None
Allotment: 1—(M.O. 1-87)